World Gin Day - How Trevethan Gin Successfully Started Selling on Amazon

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If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than finishing off a busy week with a refreshing gin and tonic. That means you’ll be excited to know that today (Saturday, June 12th) is World Gin Day! To celebrate the occasion we wanted to pay tribute to one of our clients, Trevethan Gin Distillery – handcrafted Cornish gin. I’m dribbling just thinking about it! 

Trevethan Gin has been working with us for over a year and has used our services to start selling their handcrafted gin on the Amazon Marketplace. But first, why does World Gin Day exist…

What is World Gin Day?

World Gin Day started in 2009 as an idea from drinks blogger and gin expert, Emma Stokes – also known as Gin Monkey on social – and Neil Houston. Neil simply wanted to get his friends together to drink the delicious beverage and invited Emma along. First held as an intimate event in Birmingham and then London in 2010, the idea soon exploded into a global occasion to celebrate gin!

There are other events to celebrate this delectable liquid such as Internation Gin and Tonic Day on October 19th and International Scottish Gin Day on October 24th. Unlike June 12th, these events probably won’t have the sun shining and most definitely aren’t also the Queens Birthday! So we believe this World Gin Day should be celebrated.

Selling Gin on Amazon

The gin market is massive, with US$3,357 million in revenue generated by gin in 2020 in the UK alone! And it is believed that gin sales will increase by 37% in 2021. With this kind of growth, it is important to utilise platforms such as Amazon and other marketplaces to reach a wide market and increase sales. 

More and more distilleries are opening in the UK every year making the competition fierce. The more you diversify your revenue streams, the wider your market and reach. This is key to making an impact in this industry.

We spoke to the team at Trevethan Gin to see why they started selling on Amazon and to find out more about their experience.

What made you start selling your gin (and other products) on Amazon? 

We chose to start selling on Amazon as we wanted to strengthen our online retail sales and presence by showcasing our fantastic Cornish products and premium brand Trevethan to other regions of the UK.  

Amazons platform gives us a huge boost to our online sales annually. We also sell via our own website and it works well to be able to have both running alongside each other.

We are happy to consider all e-commerce listings, providing they fit with our brand ethos and price points.

How to make your Gin stand out on Amazon

The first gin craze hit the UK in the 1690s when a pint of gin was cheaper than a pint of beer. Fast forward to today and we’re in another gin boom! It may not be as cheap but the variety has expanded massively! There are now different ways to distil gin, different flavours, hundreds of gin cocktails and the number of brands/local distilleries continues to grow. 

It’s important to make sure you advertise your gin correctly to stand out from the crowd. Here are our top 5 tips in creating the perfect gin content for Amazon:

1. Know your target audience

With the different varieties of gin on the market, it’s important to know who you are aiming yours at. This will help to create the design and tone of voice for your products and brand. 

2. Use eye-catching call out images to highlight your USPs

What is it that makes your gin different? Make sure to highlight this in your Amazon image deck with clear, well-designed call-out images. For example, Trevethan showcase how their quality gin is handmade using their traditional family recipe that has been around since 1920! When making their visuals we also wanted to promote the flavours of citrus and floral notes to help the consumer understand the product.

3. Include recipe ideas

People love cocktails – I’m positive it can’t just be me… By including recipes for gin cocktails, you whet the appetite of the consumer and get their mouth-watering! 

4. Tell your brand story

There is limited space on Amazon when selling, which means it is important to utilise Amazon A+. This added space allows for extra information on your brand and a great way to showcase your process, culture and more. For Trevethan Gin, we used this space to highlight the gin, the recipe/flavour and the traditional process using gorgeous lifestyle images to highlight the quality of the products.

5. Keep your branding consistent

If your brand has multiple products, it’s important to keep your branding throughout the listings and to showcase them all in a branded Amazon Store. This space helps focus consumers on your products and amplifies your brand to the next level!

We asked Trevethan how they found the content that the team at marketplace amp made for them, here’s what they had to say:

“We have been incredibly impressed by how well our Amazon storefront fits with both our brand USP and identity. When you visit our Trevethan Amazon store you could actually be on our website. The page is very well laid out, clear and products are easily navigated. The content that has been created is brilliant allowing the consumer to find out more about the history of our products through to how to create the perfect serve.”

World Gin Day only comes once a year but drinking good gin can be every week when it’s so easily accessible on the world’s marketplaces. To find out more on how to optimise your content on Amazon to accelerate sales, get in touch!

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