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Like Amazon (or any other online marketplace) the key to selling on eBay is to ensure that your products can be found easily. With lots of listings on eBay from both brands and individuals ensuring high visibility can make a huge difference between securing a sale or missing out completely.

We work with brands on eBay to help them get their products ranking high in eBay’s Best Match results to improve discoverability and sales.

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Advertising on eBay can give your brand and products instant exposure to a huge audience. If you want quick sales or to help give your product listings a boost then eBay advertising is your perfect option. Although, it can be confusing.

Our team of marketplace experts are experienced in creating Promoted Listing campaigns which help deliver results and maximise the use of your available budget. We can help to advise, set-up or manage the entire eBay advertising process helping you to outbid your competition.

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Getting your products found on eBay is just the first step, they also need to convert the page visitors. We can help to support brands with their product listings and eBay Shop content to give the customers everything that they need to make an informed decision on their purchase.

We can help you with an eBay strategy including which products to list, the content required, update photography and pricing to make sure that you take full advantage of the opportunities that eBay presents.

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Over the course of the past decade, the United Kingdom’s sales saw an increase of nearly 50 per cent. Plant Theatre used amp to help them blossom in the industry!

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Experience in A+ Premium is hard to find - the team at marketplace amp are very responsive, extremely thorough with detail and produce very high quality content, which comes from a place of experience. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!
Emma Bennett Dettol, Veet, Scholl & Senokot - eCommerce Content Manager at RB
They are a professional agency, with a can do attitude, and experience to optimise online sales through Amazon. Great to work with, and we look forward to doing more together in this ever changing market!
Penny Maystone COO at FabLittleBag
Hillfarm Oils’ presence on Amazon has gone from strength to strength. The team have helped us to achieve high performing product listings. They supported us through the entire process, from set up and optimisation, through to AMS management and ongoing maintenance.
Lawrence Frohn Business Manager at Hillfarm Oils
We absolutely love having marketplace amp as part of our extended team. They’ve been incredible in capitalising sales and working to get new products on Amazon in time during this period. I just can’t wait to keep growing with marketplace amp - Amazon world domination with Creative Nature Baking Mixes and Gnawbles!
Julianne Ponan CEO - Creative Nature
I would recommend them in a heartbeat; they are fast to act, achieve the goals and provide excellent communication at every step along the road.
Stuart Theobald Head of Sales at SIGG UK
marketplace amp is one of the first trusted agencies to use the new Durex branding as part of the brand’s global relaunch. We’re impressed with the team’s very high quality content. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!
Emma Bennett Durex - eCommerce Content Manager at RB