How to optimise your Amazon Listings for mobile commerce

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This year, m-commerce is predicted to make up 53.9% of all e-commerce transactions. If your Amazon listings aren’t optimised for mobile, you could be isolating over half of your potential buyers! The Amazon app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android and is the most popular shopping app with 150.6million mobile users. There are ways to make sure your Amazon listings are optimised for these customers, and we’re going to tell you our top tips on how to AMPlify sales on mobile.

What is m-commerce?

M-commerce, also known as mobile commerce, is the mobile version of e-commerce! This can include in-app purchasing, mobile banking, virtual marketplace apps like the Amazon mobile app or a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Mobile commerce sales are projected to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021 – that’s a 22.3% increase from 2020 – so it’s certainly something your brand should be paying attention to.

Amazon listing breakdown –
what parts of an Amazon listing can be optimised for mobile

A completed Amazon listing is broken down into two main sections – the B content and the A+ content (also known as enhanced branded content). 

B Content

This term is used to describe everything you see above the fold:

  • Image deck – made up of the main image and gallery
  • Bullet points – maximum of 5
  • Product description

These are the first things consumers see when they land on your product listings, which means they need to make an impact!

On mobile, as there isn’t as much space ‘above the fold’, the layout of a listing is slightly different. At the top is the title, followed by the image deck gallery and then the buy box. After this and some sponsored ads, you’ll find the product description – and in some cases, the A+ – followed by the bullets.

A+ Content

There are two types of A+ content:

  • Standard A+
  • Premium A+

Find out more about the differences between A+ and A++ here!

How to optimise Amazon B Content for mobile

1. Optimise your title

The first thing to optimise on your Amazon listing is your title. On mobile, only the first 80 characters can be viewed in the search results so make sure you make the most of them! Include the most important information on your products and put the less relevant information and extra keywords near the end.

2. Use a hero image

Next, you’ll need to focus on your images. As explained above, the layout of an Amazon listing on mobile differs from desktop, which means the images take centre stage! The best way to truly showcase your product is by creating a hero image for your product. This will not only help you stand out in the search results, it clearly highlights what your product is, how it’s used, the product’s size and your brand in a heartbeat.

3. Ensure your images are readable!

Phones seem to be getting bigger and bigger but that doesn’t mean that small text is easy to read… Ensure that all of your images are high-res and can be zoomed into. Amazon recommends uploading photos at 1600px x 1600px to allow for zooming. You can also make things clearer by design by using contrasting colours where there is copy as well as simple, easy-to-read call-outs that highlight the product’s main USPs.

4. Keep copy clear and concise

Sometimes even small amounts of copy can look overwhelming on a mobile phone. By keeping things concise, you’ll keep the reader’s interest, but it’s important to get across all of your key messaging. To help keep things clear, use enticing subheaders on your bullet points that showcase what the bullet will be diving into. For more information on copywriting for Amazon, click here!

How to optimise Amazon A+ content for mobile

Amazon claims that A+ can increase conversion rates by 5-10%, with a 15% increase with Premium A+! With Amazon A+, Sellers are able to tell a brand story with high-res images and space for more descriptive text.

1. Lead strong!

As this section appears above the bullets on mobile, it’s important to have a strong product description to lead into your A+. Highlight the must-know features and benefits first to truly engage your viewer.

2. Use the space for images wisely

Banners look great on desktop but can be tiny on mobile! If your full design is based around banners, the design can really stand out, however, you then compromise on readability. Square images with captions appear best when used for Amazon A+  on mobile. This can create the perfect balance between gorgeous imagery and brilliant copy.

3. Make sure your branding shines through

As a platform, Amazon has its own branding that your products have to compete with. The A+ section enables you to bring your brand to life. Utilise your brand colours and include your logo where possible – but not too much, we don’t want it to be overkill! Another great way to utilise your branding on Amazon is through the Amazon Stores – find out more about the stores here.

4. Cross-sell to more of your products!

One of the modules on Amazon A+ is a comparison table. This allows you to add 5 products and customised comparisons points in an easy-to-consume table. Here you can add some of your best sellers, new product launches or even bigger pack sizes to help upsell! On mobile, the comparison tables are a scrolling module, which isn’t as clear as desktop, however, it does encourage interaction with your content. Make sure you compare aspects of your products that the consumers are going to be interested in, such as where it’s made, what’s included, sizing, dietary requirements, flavours, strength – the possibilities are endless!

How can we help?

With over 50% of e-commerce purchases happening on m-commerce, now is the time to make sure your Amazon listings are optimised for mobile viewers. Here at marketplace amp, we have Amazon experts, designers and copywriters that can help you AMPlify your sales and optimise your Amazon listings for mobile phones. Get in contact to find out more or follow us on Linkedin and Twitter for e-commerce daily updates!

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