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Want to widen your Amazon advertising options? Let’s demonstrate how we can help you amplify sales via a best in class Amazon Store.

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When it comes to boosting sales via premium branded content, building an Amazon Store is key to driving shopper engagement.

It serves as a compact destination for customers to not only shop your products but also learn more about your brand.

This page offers you a quick-reference guide to understanding the key features and benefits before embarking on your Amazon Store journey:

What is an Amazon Store?How can Marketplace AMP help?
Why should you create a Store?Additional Store benefits


If you require assistance with setting up your Amazon Store or with any Amazon A+ content and would like to join our extensive list of ‘AMPed’ clients, please get in touch with our Head of Content here.

What is an Amazon Store?

An Amazon Store gives Sellers and Vendors the opportunity to showcase their brand and full range of products in one compact, engaging e-commerce destination.

Choose from a selection of drag-and-drop tiles or predesigned templates with customisable features to create a multi-page Store — without writing a line of code.

Why should you create a Store?

Quite simply, an Amazon Store helps you to sell more — increasing sales by up to 70%*! Customers can quickly and easily navigate your product ranges via a combination of dropdown menus and striking multimedia visuals.

So whilst customers shop your products, they can learn more about — and identify with — your brand.

How can Marketplace AMP help?

Marketplace AMP has a wealth of e-commerce experience and a proven track record of creating best in class Amazon content. Amazon Stores are simple and free to set up but difficult to master — we know how to develop a brand strategy that optimises your content across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

If you’re seeking content that engages, converts and, ultimately, amplifies sales — please get in touch.

Additional Store benefits

Creating an Amazon Store presents an opportunity to drive Sponsored Brand ads to your entire product range, rather than a single product page, boosting your AoV (Average order Value).

Stores insights provide you with a clear understanding of the main sources of your sales and traffic sources. You can expand your product imagery and even include video assets.