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global market volume to reach $614bn

We’re proud to be working with some of the biggest names in healthcare, AMPlifying their online presence and achieving awesome customer loyalty for brands including Durex, Veet, Optrex, Astral, Scholl, Snufflebabe and Dettol.

Online sales in the health and hygiene sector have seen a sharp rise in recent years, with no signs of a slowdown, with a projected market volume of US$614.00bn by 2027.

fastest growing sector in the UK in 2022

Covid-19 created an urgent need for new healthcare solutions, and many brands rose to the challenge. It also saw a shift in mindset for many consumers, with overall health, hygiene, nutrition and wellbeing being prioritised.

The health and hygiene sector was one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK in 2022, with UK consumer spending averaging £487 per head on health and beauty products.

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As consumers become more focused and knowledgeable on maintaining a healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle, brands need to stay one step ahead of savvy shoppers in order to generate and maintain their loyalty.

Read our case studies to find out how we’ve worked with our awesome brands to optimise their content, images and advertising, building brand loyalty and increasing their global sales.

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