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Amazon A+ Content

Marketplace AMP can assist your organisation with the creation, copywriting and design needed to execute best in class A+ content. We can evaluate your content to optimise the mobile journey and A/B test to refine and improve conversion.

If you’re an Amazon Vendor looking to go above and beyond competition, investing in A+ content needs to be considered. Simply put, A+ content allows Vendors to add more detail to their Amazon product listings.

So why bother with A+ content? It helps you to sell. In fact, Amazon has reported that adding A+ content to your listings can increase sales by 3-10%.

Sigg A+

This content can be used to drive brand activation and tell your product’s story.


A+ content provides benefits-rich text that aids conversion and overcomes a potential customer’s concerns or questions regarding your product.

A+ content also aids SEO (search engine optimisation) that means customers will find your products more easily on Amazon via Google for example.

One of the benefits of A+ is that the brand has lots of opportunities to visually communicate benefits of a product. An additional 6 images can be added (some of these can be call out images, pack or lifestyle shots) to help sell your products.

Importance of comparison tables for Amazon

Vendors on Amazon are able to add various different elements to their A+ pages, including additional hi-res images, brief bullet point descriptions of key features, full product descriptions and also a comparison table. Comparison tables are a key feature which provides the opportunities to cross-sell other products and also shows the customer how your product range fits together.

amazon comparison table


If you require assistance for A+ strategy, copywriting and design for A+ content, please get in touch with our Head of Content here.

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