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eBay SEO

If you’re selling on eBay then you will want your products to be found easily by people searching the marketplace. If your listings can’t be found then they don’t even have a chance of converting, no matter how good the product. We can help with proven marketplace SEO techniques that will get your product found and, in turn, improve your traffic and sales on the listing.

Whilst setting up an eBay listing is a relatively straightforward process, the concept of optimising it may be less straightforward to many. Each listing will need to be filled out correctly in order to achieve maximum exposure.

eBay SEO is great for visibility on the marketplace itself, it also aids your overall web presence. eBay listings that are correctly optimised have the chance to appear in Google search engine results and with eBay being an authoritative site, the listings can rank well onto page 1 of the search results.

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eBay SEO Service

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auditing the existing listing

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keyword research

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Marketplace Audit

We can review all of your eBay listings and identify areas or particular listings which may need the most attention. We will also identify any issues which may be impeding your eBay performance and can lay out a plan for improvements accordingly.

Keyword Research

Understanding exactly what it is your customers are searching for is essential before you can begin to optimise your listings effectively. You may call your product by a certain name within your company, but assuming that your potential customers will also use this name is a dangerous plan. We can put together a full keyword landscape to give you an informed view of exactly what people are searching for when looking for your products.

Product Listings Optimisation

Following on from the keyword research stage, our experienced technical team can then help you to identify the best product titles, descriptions, images and categories for each listing to help generate more sales.

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