Amazon A+ vs Amazon Premium A+ – everything you need to know

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For a long time now, brands have been able to enhance listings with the use of A+ and Premium A+ content – previously known as Enhanced Brand Content. There is no denying that when done right, Amazon Premium A+ can visually enhance a listing as well as offer more space to inform and educate consumers. But what is the difference and which is the right choice for your company?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between A+ and Premium A+ (also known as A++), how they work and which one you should choose.

What is A+ and Premium A+ Content?

Amazon no longer only offers space above the fold to help close sales. Say goodbye to an image deck and 5 bullets, now when scrolling past the ‘Products related to this item’ and ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed’, Amazon offers a space for A+ and A++ content too!

Depending on whether you are on the seller or vendor central platform, the A+ content will be seen under ‘Product Description’ or ‘More from the Manufacturer’. As A+ content now removes the product description text on seller central listings.

Amazon basic A+ is now freely available to all vendors and allows 5 modules per page, with the choice of 17 basic module types. This allows vendors to showcase their product as well as dive deeper into their brand story and values. The modules are 970 pixels wide, not quite filling up the page with the option of a 6-way comparison table to showcase the product features against others.

Amazon Premium A+ offers a much wider choice of 17 premium and interactive modules as well as the 12 basic modules with the ability to use 7 modules per page. These modules stretch across the entire page at 1464 pixels wide offering vendors the opportunity to enhance their visuals and tell a brand story like never before. However, this comes at the cost of between $250k – $500k a year.

Differences at a Glance

Available to all vendorsInvite only
17 standard modules17 basic modules plus 17 premium modules
Basic imagesHigh definition images and video
970 pixels wide1464 pixels wide
5 modules per page7 modules per page
Can increase conversion rate by 3-10%Can increase conversion rate by 15%

How to build Basic Amazon A+ and A++ Content

Building Amazon A+ content can vary depending on whether you are on Seller Central or Vendor Central. For Seller Central, navigate to the Advertising tab and click on ‘A+ Content Manager’. From there, click the blue ‘Start creating A+ Content’ button in the right hand corner. This will take you into the module builder and you can then start creating! 

If you are in Vendor Central, you’ll need to navigate to the A+ Content Manager via the Merchandising tab.

How to build Amazon Premium A+ - step 1
How to build Amazon Premium A+ - step 2
How to build Amazon Premium A+ - step 3

Once you are in the builder, simply click add module and choose from the list below. From here you can add your visuals and text as desired. We recommend creating a wireframe design first to make sure all space is utilised!

Basic A+ Modules

  1. Standard Comparison Chart
  2. Standard Four Images & Text
  3. Standard Four Images/Text Quadrant
  4. Standard Image & Dark Text Overlay
  5. Standard Image & Light Text Overlay
  6. Standard Single Image & Highlight
  7. Standard Single Image & Sidebar
  8. Standard Single Image & Specs Detail
  9. Standard Single Left Image
  10. Standard Single Right Image
  11. Standard Text
  12. Standard Three Images & Text
  13. Standard Company Logo
  14. Standard Image Header with Text
  15. Standard Multiple Image Module A
  16. Standard Product Description Text
  17. Standard Technical Specifications

Premium A+ Modules

  1. Premium Background Image with Text
  2. Premium Comparison Table 1
  3. Premium Comparison Table 2
  4. Premium Comparison Table 3
  5. Premium Duel Images with Text
  6. Premium Four Images & Text
  7. Premium Full Image
  8. Premium Full Video
  9. Premium Hotspots 1
  10. Premium Hotspots 2
  11. Premium Regimen Carousel
  12. Premium SimpleImage Carousel
  13. Premium Single Text Image with Text
  14. Premium Text
  15. Premium Video Image Carousel
  16. Premium Video with Text
  17. Premium Technical Specifications

Is Amazon Premium A+ the right choice for your brand?

Premium A+ is an investment and therefore should be thought through before jumping in. As Amazon continues to expand, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and A++ is certainly a way to do that, however here are some things to consider:

1. Budget

Even with the increased conversion rate promised by Amazon, can you afford the investment to the programme? Is Amazon a key part of your e-commerce strategy and where do you see high sales?

2. Visual Assets

With the capability to showcase products using high definition visuals and videos, do you have the ability to create these in-house or the budget to hire an agency? It is essential to utilise the space provided with gorgeous design. Get a quote for Premium A+ content creation here!

3. Text Restrictions

Premium A+ allows the space for beautiful visuals, however this does mean that there is a stricter character count. If your product needs a lot of description or isn’t a very visually appealing product then opting for a text heavier piece of standard A+ may be more appropriate.

4. Advertisements

A+ and A++ both help to increase conversions, however if you are not driving enough traffic to your listings, they will not be much help (apart from organic SEO). Make sure you have the capability to advertise and drive traffic to the listings before investing.

5. B+ Content

If your content above the fold is not optimised, this may stop consumers from scrolling and seeing the A+ or Premium A+ content. Ensure to optimise all parts of your listings!

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Premium A+ Content Examples

Take a look at these before and after shots of A+ to A++ examples!

Durex – Premium A+

A+ before and A++ after

Durex_Before and After A++_Amazon Premium A+

This piece of premium A+ content utilises the interactive modules to help engage the viewer in the messaging. Using a high definition video as the top banner showcases the brand straight away, leading into the product description. This is then followed by two different styles of carousel to break down the information into easily digestible sections with engaging images and branded colours.

By utilising the carousels we created more space for design whilst keeping the messaging from the basic A+. Further down the page we also included the Premium comparison table to help with cross sales for the brand.

Optrex – Premium A+

A+ before and A++ after

Optrex Amazon A plus vs Premium A plus - A+ A++

Due to the overlapping modules, we were able to create a seamless design that flowed throughout the A++. We updated the top banner, keeping the same design but optimising it by utilising video and creating a lifestyle image to showcase the product in module two. Before, the A+ content consisted of the standard four image and text module to highlight the product features. Now that has been broken down into separate slides in the interactive carousel modules to increase engagement and optimise design.

How can we help?

There is no denying that Premium A+ Content is visually more appealing than Standard A+ however there are still pros and cons to both. Weigh up your brand’s options to see if Premium A+ would be a justified investment and for more information on how we can help contact us today.

“Experience in Premium A+ is hard to find — the team at marketplace amp are very responsive, extremely thorough with detail and produce very high-quality content, which comes from a place of experience. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!”

— Emma Bennett, E-Commerce Content Manager at Reckitt Benckiser

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