7 Design Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Product Photo Call Outs

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Product photo callouts are an essential and effective way to highlight key features of your products and catch the attention of potential customers on Amazon. By adding callouts to your product photos, you can highlight important details, such as materials, dimensions, or unique features that set your products apart from competitors.

To help you make the most of your product photo callouts, here are 7 top design tips to consider:

1. Keep it simple:

Don’t overload your product photo with too many callouts. Instead, focus on highlighting the most important features. Keeping each callout to 4-5 words will help to keep the reader interested.


2. Use contrasting colours:

Make sure your callouts stand out by using contrasting colours. For example, if your product photo is predominantly blue, use orange or yellow for your callouts. But remember to stay within brand guidelines.


3. Use arrows:

Adding arrows to your callouts can help guide the viewer’s eye to the most important information.


4. Be consistent:

Use a consistent style for your callouts across all of your product photos. This will help create a cohesive look and make it easier for customers to understand what they’re looking at.


5. Make it readable:

Use a font that is easy to read, even at small sizes. Avoid using elaborate or decorative fonts that can be difficult to read.


6. Prioritise important details:

Make sure to prioritise the most important details in your callouts – 4-6 callouts is optimum. For example, if your product is made from a unique material, make sure to highlight that in your callouts.


7. Value white space:

Leave plenty of space around your callouts to make them stand out. This will help prevent your product photo from looking cluttered.


By following these 7 top design tips, you can create compelling and effective callouts that will help your products stand out from the competition. 

To discuss or review your current product visuals and designs, why not book a call with our Senior Designer Kris, who’s worked with Durex and Dettol to Eat Natural and Mars Petcare?  He’s a seasoned Amazon pro at creating the most effective designs that will amplify your online sales! Get in touch today!


“Product call-outs are the platform for presenting your product’s USPs in a clear and punchy way. Once the shopper has landed on your listing your call-out images are key to improved CVR.

With 75% of shoppers relying on product images to decide on a purchase, sellers need to get creative to make their products and listings stand out on Amazon.”

amp’s Senior Designer – Kris

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