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homewares eCommerce set to boom in 2022

With the home and garden market predicted to reach 620 billion USD by 2025, there’s never been a better time for brands to capitalise on increased interest in home and garden improvement.

Here at amp, we’re helping leading brands like Polaroid, Studio Moderna and GP Batteries, AMPlify their online presence, accelerate their sales and achieve awesome customer loyalty for brands.

home-centric growth

This year, more than ever before, consumers will continue their home-centric lifestyle and look for new ways to improve their homes with the latest home comforts, gadgets and must-have accessories. 

The luxury furnishings market is continuing to grow, driving $30.3 billion in annual sales by 2023, according to Statista.

Sales in the home and garden sector skyrocketed during lockdown and the shift to remote working. Consumers now have a renewed focus on the home and how it can be optimised to fit new ways of living and working. Sales in this sector, in the United States alone, amounted to around 538 billion USD last year.  

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As consumers continue to move their shopping online, brands need to fight against the ever-growing competition to stand out on the digital shelf and gain brand loyalty. We’ve worked hard to amplify our clients’ marketplace sales through a combination of first-class product content optimisation, expert e-commerce advertising and inventive marketplace strategy.

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