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Managing your Amazon account

When it comes to being successful on Amazon, it’s vital to ensure every element of your account is up-to-date and optimised to grow your business.

marketplace amp possesses the expertise and experience to provide comprehensive Amazon account management. We take the stress out of the ever-changing complexities of trading on Amazon, providing strategic solutions that optimise your account and ultimately amplify your sales!

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what's included in our account management service?

Amazon strategy

We’ve developed a strong reputation as the UK’s ultimate FMCG Amazon agency! Our Amazon strategy expertise delivers a tailored approach for your brand so you can understand which products can be a success on the marketplace.

Do you have well-defined sales targets and a plan to reach them? If you’re unsure, it’s likely you don’t have a clear strategy in place. But don’t worry, that’s where we can help! Our team creates realistic and achievable Amazon strategies for both new and existing products.

market research

We use market research and intelligence, proprietary technology, and contextual analysis to identify opportunities for your brand. Our team pinpoints the market size for each type of product in your range and how they compare to your competitors.

To determine the quality of any existing content, we conduct an audit of your Amazon account. This crucial step enables us to highlight the improvements required to amplify your sales over the next 3, 6, and 12-months periods!

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support services

Your dedicated Client Services Manager will check in with you regularly to provide progress updates and identify new opportunities for growth. We ensure that you’re kept in the loop on your account performance, including updates on sales, stock, shipping, and more. Monthly meetings provide you with a platform to discuss the progress of your account with us, including strategic planning for the months ahead. If you ever need any additional help or advice, simply get in touch.

marketplace amp’s data analysis dashboard tool streamlines all areas of data analysis for quick-reference custom reporting 24/7, covering all aspects of your Amazon account. This allows you log in anytime, review your sales and see our awesome results! We also monitor and help prevent fraudulent activity on your Amazon Account to make sure you are always in full control.

buy box optimisation

The Amazon Buy Box is the white box on the right-hand side of a product detail page, where a customer clicks to add the item to their basket (or to purchase if one-click purchasing is turned on). Around 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box (this figure is even higher for mobile purchases!), so it’s important to know how to win it and fend off the competition! If none of your listings are winning the Buy Box, you won’t be making any sales… but with marketplace amp, you’re in safe hands.

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seo optimisation

We help customers to find your products through optimised search strategies. Brands are fighting for maximum visibility, being found easily is essential. A high-ranking product can make all the difference between securing a sale or missing out to your competitors.

Using specialist Amazon strategy and copywriting SEO techniques, we ensure your products and brand rank highly on Amazon. Our team identifies the most searched for and relevant keywords to assign to your products, improving discoverability, traffic, and sales.

seasonal updates

It is estimated that retailers can increase their customer base by 30-50% during the different seasons by investing in the right marketing strategies. If you want to make the most of consumers’ shopping habits all year round, you should embark on a seasonal marketing strategy.

Our team of creatives build your product and brand story with engaging, first-class content. We adapt your content to suit changing purchase habits during different times of the year, helping you maximise sales.

why marketplace amp?

Whatever stage of your Amazon journey you’re at, we can help! Our team of Amazon specialists know how to make your Amazon account successful. We can advise, set up, manage and A/B test to ensure your account is delivering the best results for your products.

Whether you’re looking for support with fine-tuning your account performance or require a full setup from scratch, our experts are here to help. Contact our experienced team today for a free account audit to see how you can amplify your sales!