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The UK grocery market is now worth £190 billion, and Ocado claims to be spearheading the online grocery revolution as the world’s largest dedicated online grocery supermarket! It stocks over 50,000 products, including big-name brands, M&S food, and Ocado Own Label items.

Ocado’s model sidesteps traditional supermarket shelf space requirements, giving smaller, independent suppliers a chance to shine in their virtual aisles! This includes support with haulage arrangements if sellers need it.

Ocado’s grocery delivery service reaches over 74% of the UK, and more than 97% of Ocado’s orders arrive accurately and on time, with guaranteed freshness and virtually no substitute products!


70% of items added to an Ocado basket are customers’ favourites. Outbidding the competition to become the first on the list and becoming a favourite is key to a successful Ocado strategy.

There are lots of marketing opportunities available with Ocado to make sure you grab the attention of the platform’s base of over 639,000 active customers!

This includes sampling campaigns, graphic banners on relevant product pages, social media, and more.


Using the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP), the grocery giant optimises the entire online grocery delivery process — from order placed to order delivered. OSP uses cloud-based tech to process and action orders with 99% accuracy to keep customers coming back for more!

Ocado’s digital brand content is run by Brandbank. Sellers subscribe to Brandbank and upload each product’s key selling points and high-resolution imagery to make their products stand out and give customers everything they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Ocado prides itself on claiming the most sustainable grocery proposition of any British grocer, with close to zero levels of food waste — just 0.04%!

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70% of items added via Favourites

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