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Moving from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central – Find out why breaking up is not always so bad!

Editorial credit: / Hitting the headlines this month is Amazon’s Vendor Purge and it’s been causing chaos…but don’t panic, we have the solution! Over the last few days vendors across a range of product categories received routine order cancellations via emails from the e-tailer.  In a nutshell Amazon has informed vendors that it will […]

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Find out why you should become an Amazon Business Seller!

What is Amazon Business? Amazon Business provides the opportunity for sellers to offer specific pricing or discounts for business customers only, as well as other features such as displaying ex-VAT pricing. The general user searching on Amazon would be able to view the product, but would not see any specific business prices or ex-VAT pricing, […]

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How to advertise products on Amazon…

You may have already read our previous blogs on Amazon advertising, including What Is AMS & How Does It Work? and Why Would You Use Amazon Advertising? but in this blog, we’ll tell you how to advertise products on Amazon. The first factor that’ll determine your advertising options will be whether you are on Seller […]

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Amazon FBA vs. Vendor Central – What you need to know!

So, you have a Vendor Central account but aren’t sure whether it is actually right for you? Or maybe, you have been running Amazon successfully using FBA and have now been invited to Vendor Central and you’re not sure what the best option is? Well, here we will detail the ins and outs of both […]

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Did you know…Amazon’s next trick is the end of shopping…

Is Amazon about to change the way that shoppers shop? If the latest reports are anything to go by, then quite possibly! Whilst free samples aren’t revolutionary or new, targeted free samples that people haven’t chosen yet are still highly likely to consume and enjoy could well be the big breakthrough. Well, this is what […]

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Which US retail giant is opening an e-commerce store in Japan?

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Walmart’s partnership with Rakuten, Alibaba & Starbucks’ virtual store,’s AI-equipped delivery robots and more! Walmart partners with Rakuten to open Japanese e-commerce store US giant Walmart has partnered with the Japanese retail firm Rakuten to open its first e-commerce store in Japan. The […]

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Amazon has planned a lot for their Go stores… new location in London?

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at an investigation into eBay’s latest acquisition proposal, Alibaba’s EU hub, a UK Amazon Go store location and more! Is eBay trying to kill competition for the used auto industry? eBay is revving up to acquire in a bid to take on Auto Trader […]

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Just how late can you order online for guaranteed Christmas delivery?!

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s Christmas ordering dates, its further cashierless store tests, Black Friday traffic stats and more! How late can you order on Amazon for Christmas delivery? Well, thanks to Amazon Prime Now, 10 pm on Christmas Eve. This is limited to Prime-eligible customers living in […]

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Is Amazon readying to pounce post Brexit?

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s biggest shopping day ever, Amazon Pay being introduced at physical brick-and-mortar stores, eBay’s trademark ruling and more! Is Amazon readying to pounce post Brexit? According to the Food and Drink Federation all available frozen and chilled storage space, which could be used to […]

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Is Amazon ruining Christmas?

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s Australian decision backtrack, backlash about its packaging, eBay’s new data-driven ad campaigns and more! Customers complain that Amazon has ruined Christmas Amazon has come under fire from a number of customers on social media recently who have claimed that the e-commerce giant has […]

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Why you should take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… and how Amazon helps! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year that everyone knows. But are you aware of the extent of the sales that this day makes? How about Cyber Monday? To help you find out, we’ve compiled an infographic with some of the key stats that show how these days shine = awesome […]

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Which tech giant has just agreed a deal with Amazon?!

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s deal with Apple to sell new hardware, Alibaba and’s Singles Day sales, Amazon’s free Christmas shipping and more! Amazon’s deal to sell Apple products Amazon has agreed a deal with Apple which will see Apple’s products sold directly on Amazon. Apple products […]

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