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Top 5 Marketplace Takeaways of the week

Welcome to our first marketplace news round-up, where each week we will be taking a look at some of the key stories surrounding marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and In this week’s round-up we take a look at Amazon’s plans for Australia, Alibaba’s driverless delivery bots and also its Cainiao Box, plus more! Amazon […]

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Why not selling on eBay could be a huge mistake! [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to online marketplaces in the UK, everybody will think about Amazon and eBay. But do you really know the true size of the opportunity on eBay? We have put together an infographic with some of the key stats to really highlight why your brand should be selling on eBay! Many people make […]

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eBay Seller FAQs

If you are struggling with the ins and outs of selling on eBay then fear not. We have compiled a list of helpful FAQs to give you the answers to your most sought after queries, from the fees that you will be charged when selling on the eBay marketplace and what to include in your […]

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Amazon Fresh is planning all out war to win your grocery basket…

Yep, Amazon is on another market disruption journey, and this time it’s into groceries… so if you’re a food brand, you need to read this! As millions of us turn to online shopping for our tech, fashion and household necessities, Amazon is taking steps to ensure that they’re a top player for the purchase and […]

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voice search smart speaker header

The stunning stats behind voice search and smart speakers! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Voice search and smart speaker use has exploded in recent times. As a result, we have put together a handy infographic which details some of the key stats and clearly shows just how big a part voice search and smart speaker devices are having on our lives (42% of smart speaker owners now say that […]

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A guide to the different Amazon account options

Post updated March 27, 2018. Earlier this month Amazon has announced that it is shutting down Vendor Express. The company said it will stop issuing purchase orders as of May 21, 2018 and you will no longer be able to add, edit or market your products on Vendor Express. On January 2, 2019 Vendor Express will […]

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How to win buy box on amazon header

How to win the Buy Box on Amazon

First off, what even is the Buy Box?! The Buy Box is the actual box on a product detail page on Amazon where a customer clicks to add the item to their basket or purchase (if one-click purchasing is turned on). If you are not winning the Buy Box then if a shopper clicks on […]

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protect your brand header

How to protect your brand against devious 3rd party sellers

So you’ve listed your products on the Amazon marketplace, you’ve invested time and money into making sure everything is on brand and looks great and then you check it a few days later and its all changed! You are not alone if you have experienced this, in fact far from it. As Amazon is a marketplace, […]

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Glossary of Amazon acronyms and terminology

Buying and selling on Amazon can be confusing enough at times, let alone when people start using acronyms to describe different things. So, to try and help make things a little easier for everybody, we have put together this helpful guide which tells you what each acronym stands for and exactly what it means. Acronyms […]

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Retail Predictions 2018

Our stunning retail predictions for 2018! #infographic

We have taken a look at some retail predictions for the coming year and put them into the handy infographic below. Some of the key standout predictions include the increase in voice shopping with the current boom in Alexa and Google Home voice assistants and robots playing a more pivotal role in automation and fulfilment. […]

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amazon ams header

Why would you use Amazon Advertising?

So you may have heard of AMS / Amazon Marketing Services (now known as Amazon Advertising, following a recent update), but do you know when each of the different ad types should be used? Or do you simply just set them up and hope for the best? Well, fear not because we will guide you […]

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3 Features of AMS You Need to Know About

You may have heard of it, but what is Amazon AMS & how does it work? Here’s a run down of this powerful advertising platform and three features you have to know about! Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are the services and tools provided by Amazon which allow vendors to run ads throughout the Amazon Marketplace. With […]

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