How to amplify sales on Amazon Prime Day ‘22

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It’s time to take advantage of the UK’s biggest shopping event, which now rivals Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Prime Day 2022! Are you ready?

Our specialist Amazon experts at amp have shared their insights and expertise to help you maximise sales for Amazon Prime Day.

The dates are not yet available for this year’s Prime Day but we currently expect Amazon Prime Day to take place on July 11-12.

Start preparing early

64% of shoppers learn about brands leading up to Prime Day, with 12% of shoppers surveyed saying they have no idea what they want to buy.

The lead-up to Prime Day is vital to get your product in front of your audience and become front of mind.

Increase stock holdings

Ensure there is a sufficient supply for the demand. There’s nothing worse than finding the right product and then seeing it’s sold out, for you or the consumer! They want your product and you want that conversion…If you’re low on FBA stock, ensure Merchant Fulfilled SKUs are active to prevent lost sales.

Increase daily budgets

By increasing your daily campaign spend prior to Prime Day, you’ll be sure not to run out of budget on the big day. This would be a nightmare if forgotten, as you want to make full use of the busiest shopping event of the year. Many companies increase their ad spend over this period, so make sure you are ready to compete. 

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Ramp up advertising

On average, advertisers who launched a Sponsored Display campaign during Prime Day 2021 saw 186% more ad attributed units sold, 154% more clicks and 141% more impressions, compared to those who didn’t.

On the days prior to Prime Day, ramp up the advertising on products to gain momentum. Stand out from the competition and get seen by the huge amount of extra traffic. Increasing your advertising on the days before Prime Day will give your ads enough time to optimise, ready to gain as much traction as possible on the day!

Ensure campaigns are targeted

Confirm that your advertising campaigns target your deal SKUs for maximum exposure and increase your click-through rate (CTR). On Prime Day, people are shopping around for the best deals, if your ads are pointing shoppers to full-priced SKUs, they’ll skip straight past – even if it’s the product they’re looking for.

Conduct a content audit

It’s time to make sure your listings are looking their best, ready to beat your competitors and make those conversions!

Shoppers form their first impression within just 50 milliseconds, so presenting attention-grabbing products and packshot photography is crucial when it comes to selling online.

Your copy is super important too. Properly crafted product descriptions get 88x more impressions and 60x more sales!

Go through your listings and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your titles correct?
  • Do your bullet points and descriptions include key product detail?
  • Is the information totally up-to-date?
  • Can you zoom in on your product images?
  • Are they showing the latest packaging with the right call-outs?
  • Most importantly, would you purchase this product?
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Be ready

Making sure you are prepared and ready for the increased number of customer queries during this period of heightened traffic is so important, but don’t get overwhelmed! It’s important to…

Stay AMPed!

This is an exciting time for your business and a great way to increase sales. If you feel like you’re not ready and need a helping hand, contact our Amazon experts here at marketplace amp. We can help you optimise your listings and prepare your strategy, ready for the big day!

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