how to #amp up your Amazon sales in Q1

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Black Friday is over – and despite concerns about the economy, this annual major shopping event generated a record $9.12 billion online sales this year.

That’s 2.3% up from last year. And at amp, we saw the UK’s leading pet food supplier rack up a sales increase of 51% thanks to our Black Friday Strategy.

But as consumers are wrapping up their festive season purchasing – it’s time for brands to strategise for Q1. Keep reading for your 2023 action plan to help you stay focused through the remaining Q4 chaos and prepare for a lucrative year ahead.

How to Elevate Your 2023 Amazon Strategy

Q1 is fast-approaching and these 5 top tips are just some key tactics that’ll transform your 2023 Amazon strategy. Just think, you’ll amplify sales on Amazon while helping your customers beat the winter blues. It’s a win win!

Get a Consumer Insights Audit:

Do you know your Amazon market better than anyone else? Data-driven businesses are 19x more likely to be profitable. We use in-depth tools and our sector knowledge, to provide full visibility of your Amazon e-commerce market, the opportunities, threats – then build a real-time business case to AMPlify successful, and profitable, decision-making for the year ahead. To learn more click here.

Know your Rank Strategy:

Reliant on your paid and organic search performance working in perfect harmony, a sound Rank Strategy is what gets your product listings soaring from page 3, to page 1’s sweet #1 spot. Product listings featured in the top 3 search results are said to account for 64% of clicks, and the proof is in the (Xmas) pudding!

Agree your Seasonal Calendar:

Knowing your consumers’ shopping expectations will elevate your brand and your sales when it matters most. We recommend preparing for the full year ahead to make best use of your marketing budget, targeting their ‘go-to’ shopping events with bespoke shopping deals, ads campaigns and content for peak exposure during peak shopping times.

Refine your Amazon UX:

We’re talking about great design and enticing copy that works hard to convert, while keeping Amazon’s algorithm happy. From continued A/B testing of product main images, titles, A+ and bullet points to upgrading your Amazon store to support your Ads Strategy – our branding specialists can help you stand out on the digital shelf and maximise CVR. Check out our suite of design services here.

Invest in DSP Advertising:

Let your Amazon ads strategy take you further with DSP advertising – reaching much more specific target audiences across all Amazon sites, apps and devices, as well as third party sites and apps. With DSP you can receive up to a 17x higher return on spend! Plus, we’re an Amazon DSP Partner Agency. Find out more here.

Our team of award-winning Amazon advertisers, auditors, content creators and search experts can work with you to ensure next year is your biggest year ever.

Get in touch today for help with your 2023 Amazon strategy and speak with a marketplace amp Amazon expert.

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