Why you should take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… and how Amazon helps! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year that everyone knows. But are you aware of the extent of the sales that this day makes? How about Cyber Monday? To help you find out, we’ve compiled an infographic with some of the key stats that show how these days shine = awesome […]

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Which tech giant has just agreed a deal with Amazon?!

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s deal with Apple to sell new hardware, Alibaba and’s Singles Day sales, Amazon’s free Christmas shipping and more! Amazon’s deal to sell Apple products Amazon has agreed a deal with Apple which will see Apple’s products sold directly on Amazon. Apple products […]

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Find out what Amazon’s doing this holiday season

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Rakuten partnering up with Seiyu, Souq-Amazon Boycott, eBay’s early Christmas deals and more! Rakuten partnering with Seiyu to start an online grocery service Rakuten, a Japanese online retail company, and Seiyu, Supermarket owned by Walmart, have decided to partner up with each other to […]

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Alibaba’s Singles Day – Just how big is it?!

What is Singles Day? Singles Day takes place on the 11th November each year and started out as an ‘anti-Valentines’ celebration for single people. Singles Day is actually the biggest online shopping day of the year, surpassing even Black Friday and Amazon’s Prime Day. Online e-commerce giant Alibaba adopted Singles Day in 2009 and is […]

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Don’t believe the hype: Internet shopping is good for the High Street

Remember Blockbuster? They had a chance to buy Netflix for $50m, or team-up with Lovefilm (now part of Amazon Prime Video). They didn’t, they went bust, and everybody blamed the internet… as opposed to terrible management choices. Every time a big High Street brand of yesteryear goes to the wall, much of the media reporting […]

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Who will Amazon buy next? Not who you think… and what does Richard Branson have to do with it?

Here’s an interesting thing I discovered. If you type into your web browser, guess where it leads… (spoiler alert)… it’s And it’s also a big clue as to what we should expect from the online marketplace giant as it continues to push deeper into the world of brick-and-mortar retail, groceries and pretty much […]

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How Amazon is changing the SME food business: The secret to a Hybrid Sales & Surgical Marketing strategy

Amazon’s push into the UK grocery and fresh produce markets isn’t unexpected, and it might not even appear like a major shift in the food industry… but appearances can be deceiving. The growth of the online marketplace has thrown the old conventional wisdom of wholesalers and supermarkets out of the window for many SME food […]

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Top 5 Marketplace Takeaways of the Week #18

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at Amazon’s plans for its Business Prime service, its plans for coping with the upcoming seasonal demand, eBay’s Instant Selling feature and more! Amazon adding perks to its Business Prime offering Amazon has announced that it is adding in some new perks for subscribers to […]

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Who should Amazon buy…… M&S?

Somehow, M&S have become the high street equivalent of U2. Like the legendary stadium rockers’ seminal The Joshua Tree album, Marks & Sparks used to be relevant. However, just as U2 had to virtually hack your iPhone to give their albums away, the legendary M&S brand is struggling to break into the modern shopper’s consciousness. […]

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Think the High Street brands have been hit hard? E-commerce is next…

BHS. ToysRUs. Maplin. House of Fraser. Marks & Sparks. My dear old grandmother would be turning in her grave to think these staples of every Great British high street across the land are shutting, cutting and closing. Not that she was a big Maplin shopper, but she loved the rest. However, even my dear old […]

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Top 5 Marketplace Takeaways of the Week #17

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at claims Amazon has been manipulating reviews, its first UK pop-up store, stats regarding eBay’s Managed Payments and more! Has Amazon been manipulating its own brand reviews? Amazon has been accused of manipulating reviews for its own brand products to ensure that they are promoted […]

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Top 5 Marketplace Takeaways of the Week #16

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at eBay’s accusation that Amazon has been using a scheme to tempt sellers to use its platform, Amazon’s private label growth, Facebook’s smart speakers set to rival Amazon Alexa and Google Home and more! eBay accuses Amazon of poaching its sellers eBay has accused rival […]

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