Glossary of Amazon acronyms and terminology

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Buying and selling on Amazon can be confusing enough at times, let alone when people start using acronyms to describe different things. So, to try and help make things a little easier for everybody, we have put together this helpful guide which tells you what each acronym stands for and exactly what it means.

Acronyms / Terminology



Seller Central – the platform used for selling on Amazon as an individual or smaller business

Vendor Central – an invite-only platform where Amazon buys a brand’s products in bulk and ships and sells them itself

Third-party seller – people who are selling your products but are not associated with your brand

Advantage – similar to Vendor Central, but for media items i.e. books, music and video


Fulfilled by Amazon – this is Amazon’s fulfilment option where Sellers send their products to Amazon fulfilment centres and Amazon then takes care of the picking, packing and shipping when a customer places an order

Fulfilled by Merchant – this indicates that the Seller will ship products from their own inventory and handle all customer feedback and queries

Seller Fulfilled Prime – this is a way for Sellers to have the prime badge on their listings whilst maintaining full control over inventory as the stock is kept and despatched from their own warehouses

PAN EU – a form of FBA where Sellers send their products to one Fulfilment Centre and Amazon distributes the products to different Fulfilment Centres around Europe based on where they think the most sales will come from. Sellers need to be registered for VAT in the different countries in Europe when using this option

Fulfilment Centre – an Amazon’s fulfilment centre takes care of product picking, packing and shipping after an order has been placed. These are based all around the UK, Europe and other major markets

European Fulfilment Network – this is Amazon’s option for selling on other EU marketplaces but fulfilling all orders from fulfilment centres in the home country

Multi-Country Inventory – this provides the option for FBA sellers to specify which countries they wish to send stock to, and have orders for that marketplace fulfilled from the local inventory

European Article Number – standard barcode for products in Europe to help identify each individual product

Global Trade Identification Number – a universal identifier used internationally to find product information across databases

International Standard Book Number – a 10-digit identification number used for books recording information such as publisher and language etc.

Amazon Standard Identification Number – this is a product identifier that is unique to Amazon. ASINs can be searched for to find product pages

Stock Keeping Unit – this is an alphanumeric product identifier


Amazon Media Group – this is the overarching section of Amazon, which oversees all advertising options

Amazon Marketing Services – this is Amazon’s PPC advertising platform for Vendors, allowing the creation of Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads and Lock Screen Ads (US Only) (Now known as ‘Advertising console’ within ‘Amazon Advertising’)

Demand Side Platform (formerly AAP = Amazon Advertising Platform) – this is an advertising platform allowing for advertisers to drive traffic from other websites or mobile apps to Amazon

Headline Search Ads – these are a part of the Advertising Console and are the banners at the top and down the side of search results pages on the Amazon site (Now known as ‘Sponsored Brands’)

Product Display Ads – these are a part of AMS and are product ads which appear on other product listings, typically just under the Buy Box

Sponsored Products – these are a part of the Advertising Console and are ads which appear within search results which shows your product with ‘Sponsored’ above it

Lock Screen Ads – these are a part of the Advertising Console, currently only available in the USA, which allows ads for products to be targeted at kindle users on their lock screens

A+ – this is additional information and allows for extra imagery to be added to products on Vendor Central. This is when a listing has a ‘From the manufacturer’ section above the product description

Enhanced Brand Content – this replaces the product description on listings and allows for extra information and images to be added. This is for products that are on Seller Central and enrolled in the ‘Brand Registry’

Storefront – this is a mini website/store that can be created within Amazon for your products which can be built the way you want. This is only available to brands that are enrolled in the ‘Brand Registry’

Vine Voices – this is an invitational program offered by Amazon to trusted reviewers to provide feedback on new and pre-release items. These reviewers can receive products early/pre-release if the vendor has enrolled pre-release products for voices prior to the product’s launch

Advertising Cost of Sale – this figure is used to measure the success of advertising campaigns and shows the percentage of ad spend versus revenue from advertising


Cost of Goods Sold – Cost to Amazon to acquire a product for sale

Retail Revenue – Shipped Units * Sales Price (excl. VAT)

P-COGS – Shipped Units * Cost Price

Contra-COGS – all Backends (e.g. MDF, VINE, ARA Premium, etc.), (does not include AMG)

Sales Discounts – Customer Discount of Lightning Deals

Pure Product Margin – calculated by the following formula (Revenue – P-COGS) / Revenue

Net Pure Profit Margin minus Sales Discounts – Net Pure Product Margin less sales discounts, calculated as follows Revenue – P-COGS + Contra-COGS – Sales Discounts) / Revenue [does not include AMG]

Retail Fast Track BuyBox – Clicks on a detail page where Retail wins the BuyBox with a Fast Track Message (“Order now and get within xxx hours…”) in % of all clicks

Replenishable Out of Stock – Clicks on a detail page where Retail items are not available in % of all clicks

Lost Buy Box – Clicks on a detail page where Retail loosed the BuyBox to 3P sellers

Vendor Lead Time – Average delivery time in days between purchase order placement and receive date in Amazon warehouse

Problem Receive – Percentage of units received in Amazon warehouse with a problem which needs to be solved (e.g. missing barcode, wrong warehouse, overage quantity, etc.)


Brand Registry – a program offered by Amazon for sellers who manufacture their own brand of products. Brand Registry gives the Seller a greater control of listings

Buy Box – the product listing page that a shopper will see. Numerous sellers can sell the same product, but only one can win the Buy Box. If a shopper clicks to buy or add to basket and you are winning the Buy Box, then it will be your item that is sold, not another Seller’s.

Lightning Deals – these are promotions in which Sellers/Vendors can offer large discounts on their chosen products. These offers only last a few hours

Verified Review – a review left by a seller who has genuinely purchased the product. A ‘review’ could be from anybody and they may not necessarily have purchased the product

Browse Nodes – a hierarchical structure used for categorising products at different levels to be more specific allowing for products to be easier to find

If you are a Seller or Vendor that is still struggling to understand the Amazon marketplace, then feel free to get in touch with us.

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