What is Amazon AMS? 3 Features of AMS You Need to Know About

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You may have heard of it, but what is Amazon AMS & how does it work? Here’s a rundown of this powerful advertising platform and three features you have to know about!

What is Amazon AMS?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are the services and tools provided by Amazon which allow vendors to run ads throughout the Amazon Marketplace. With three different types of ads to chose from, AMS enables the vendor to chose suitable marketing for product’s needs, these are:

  1. Headline Search ads
  2. Product Display ads
  3. Sponsored Products

Each has its own advantages to improve your brand’s visibility, drive the demand for your brand’s products and ultimately improve sales. If you’re looking for a time effective, strictly controlled method of getting your products noticed on Amazon then this could be the next step for your business.

Let’s learn a little bit about the ad options available to you…

1. Headline Search Ads

When clicked these ads can take potential customers to a landing where you may feature your best selling or specifically chosen products. These ads are situated at the top of search results pages in the form of a banner, and appear when a user’s query matches with a targeted keyword in your campaign. This type of ad is typically limited to those with a Vendor Central account, but it is worth noting that Seller Central still have options available to you as a business.

2. Product Display Ads

This type of ad is ideal if you’re looking to directly target competitor products with the idea of drawing the customer to your product instead. With Product Display ads vendors are able to view performance statistics of their campaign; the dashboard showing metrics such as clicks, impressions, spend, total sales and advertising cost of sale (ACoS). In order to grab the attention of consumers browsing the pages of competitor products, Product Display ads appear on these product detail pages, giving the consumer the option to land on your product page while weighing up the function or style of the competitor.

3. Sponsored Products

These ads can appear in a variety of places on the web page – top, middle, bottom or the right-hand side of search result pages when a customer’s search matches a keyword. Through clicking on this ad, users are directly taken to your product’s detail page where after learning more about the product, they may wish to make a purchase.

As a much more basic platform in comparison to Google Adwords, AMS could be the best option for you, straight-forward to use and highly controlled.

Experienced in creating, setting up and optimising AMS campaigns for both Amazon UK and USA, see how Marketplace Amp can help you today, ensuring maximised ROI. Get in touch!

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