Premium A+ launches on Seller Central

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Premium A+ is now launched on Seller Central!

So what does this mean for your Amazon sales and how do you unlock this feature?

Ok, ok… keep reading, we’ll tell you all you need to know. 

Amazon has now made Premium A+ available to sellers

If you’re a seller on Amazon Seller UK, you’re in luck – Amazon has made Premium A+ content available to you… at no cost. 

Up until now, this usually expensive, yet exclusive, feature has been utilised by large Vendor sellers, and those enrolled on the Amazon Launchpad program.

So what does this Amazon news mean for you?

Adding Premium A+ content to your product detail pages results in higher conversion rates, helps reduce negative reviews by highlighting product features, and increases discoverability when paired with ads, deals or vouchers.

Just like standard A+ content, it provides brand owners with an opportunity to answer shoppers’ most common questions by providing relevant brand and product-related details. This information can help drive rapid purchase decisions and reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

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The difference between A+ Content and Premium A+ Content? 

Optrex Amazon A plus vs Premium A plus - A+ A++

Premium A+ provides more immersive content modules that allow for video, carousels and hotspots as well as the use of more modules – resulting in better conversion rates to standard A+. 

(Pssst, you can check out our blog about the differences between A+ Content and Premium A+ Content right here!)

In Amazon’s words, Premium A+ Content helps “increase engagement with best-in-class detail page experiences”. Its rich media content options include:

  • Multiple video modules
  • Interactive hotspot modules
  • Enhanced comparison tables
  • Larger images on the detail page
  • Carousel modules
  • Q&A module

How to unlock the Premium A+ feature:

In order to gain access to this feature:

1) All of the ASINs in your catalogue must contain published A+ Brand Story 

2) You must have at least 15 A+ Content submissions in ‘Approved’ status within the past 12 months

Note: Access to Premium A+ is granted at the end of each month. You will be notified if you meet the criteria and will not need to contact Amazon for access.

Is Premium A+ free forever?

Amazon has not stipulated how long its Premium A+ promotion will last – but has confirmed that access to Premium A+ features will be available at no cost during this time.

Any Premium A+ content published to ASINs during the promotional period will remain on the detail page free of charge. If Amazon chooses to announce a fee for Premium A+ in future, you will not be charged for the existing content you created.

Need help?

If you need help unlocking Premium A+ on your Amazon Seller account then you’re in the right place. Contact us here for a free quote or more information on our Brand Story, A+ Content and Premium A+ services. Our content and listing optimisation specialists can help you meet the criteria you need to unlock this sales-amplifying feature.

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