How to Increase Sales with A+ Content

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Amazon A+ Content for Trevethan by marketplace amp - amazon a+ service

Want to increase conversions on your Amazon product listings without getting your hands too dirty with logistics? How does simply producing some extra copy sound?

A+ content is a feature provided by Amazon which allows vendors to produce and display enhanced content on their product detail pages. Generally, adding A+ to a product listing allows the vendor to provide potential customers with more information of the product for sale, whether that be through images, extra product feature information, product comparison tables or ideally all three. A+ content provides consumers with useful information on the product to further inform their decision, therefore typically increasing conversations by between 3 and 10% (figures straight from Amazon!). Due to these figures, it is well worth considering A+ copy as a useful addition to traditional basic product descriptions and built points.

So, what content can I display as A+? 

How you display your A+ content is up to you, with a maximum of five different types of modules/blocks to choose from on the self-serve module. In these blocks, you can display and arrange the layout.

Further product details, specifications and technical information, highlighting key benefits: 

By picking out three or four key benefits of the product in separate blocks, the potential customer is able to quickly and easily see how the product will improve their lifestyle before reading about all the technical reasons why – which you may wish to include below. By bolding ‘lifestyle benefits,’ we are making the assumption that potential customers are firstly interested in what the product is going to do for them, the specific details as to why this is coming secondary. Placing your product in the context of everyday life is going to be of key importance for those who are thinking about purchasing.

Optimised alternative product images: 

Providing a variety of images as part of your product listing will also play a key role in upping conversions. Visuals are naturally more eye-catching than text and are scanned for desired features (and style) at a much quicker rate, so it is helpful to display a range of images of varying angles, with close-ups of functional parts and your product in a lifestyle context (ie. being used for its function or displayed in its correct environment). The more optimised images on your product listing page, the more images linking to the landing page will appear in Google search – so it’s worth noting its benefits in both providing more information to potential customers and getting them to the page in the first place.

Product comparison tables: 

These tables allow you to compare the details and features of the product to other similar products you may be selling on Amazon. Not only does including these as A+ content provide quick ‘tick’ or numerical information to product details, but it allows the consumer to compare the product to others across your range which may be more suitable to them if the initial product is not.Comparison tables are a way to therefore increase sales across your range, directing potential customers to your brand as opposed to others when they may be considering alternatives.
Adding Amazon A+ content to your product listings is likely to put you above competitors due to both the extra information you are able to provide consumers with and their means of getting to your product or alternative products within your range.

Writing equally informative and enticing copy does take time, and an element of skill if you’re wanting to make the best of what Amazon A+ has to offer. Here at Marketplace Amp we specialise in this, with a team of dedicated content writers with years of experience in writing copy for e-commerce.

See how we can increase your search visibility and conversion rate, get in touch today to discuss our Amazon A+ services today!

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