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Back in 2020, Amazon released its new feature ‘Amazon Brand Story’. Since then it’s spread across the pond and been updated with new features to help brands stand out in the marketplace. Read on to find out why brands like yours should make the most of it, giving your customers an even better shopping experience on Amazon!

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Amazon Brand Stories to help you optimise your listings and boost sales as we did for Theakstons.

What is an Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon Brand Story feature can be found below the fold but above the Amazon A+. It is a continuous scrolling carousel with the ability to add modules. When used correctly, the Brand Story can help companies stand out from the crowd, highlight their heritage and messaging, as well as showcase their inventory.

Amazon Brand Story Modules

Brand Card About: This is a basic text-based module that is meant for an ‘about us’ section. Here you have the space to write up to 450 characters about your brand mission. The top of the module has space for a small image (315:145), ideal for a logo or icon.

Brand Card 4 ASINs: Here you can add links to up to 4 ASINs with a headline and link to your Amazon store – the ideal card to showcase your inventory.

Brand Card Media Set: Compared to the “About” card, this module allows you to upload an image as the background feature with the ability to add an optional header (30 characters) and body text (135 characters).

Brand Card Questions: This card does exactly what it says on the tin! You can add up to three frequently asked questions – Amazon has even given four to choose from, or you can add your own.

How to Build an Amazon Brand Story

To build an Amazon Brand Story, navigate to the ‘Advertising’ section on Seller Central or ‘Merchandising’ on Vendor. On the dropdowns, choose A+ Content Manager where you will see a list of your A+ content. From this screen, simply click “Start Creating A+ Content” and choose “Brand Story” – this will bring up the modular Brand Story builder.

A Brand Story consists of a background image, which the modules will sit on top of. It’s important that this image is engaging and incorporates your branding without pulling the focus away from the modules themselves.

The builder lets you build the Brand Story module by module, however you won’t be able to see the final product until you preview the sections together. This means it is super important to test and learn at each stage, to ensure the entire piece flows together cohesively.

Should you have an Amazon Brand Story

The honest truth? It depends. Like everything on Amazon, everything should be considered on a brand-by-brand basis. This new feature allows companies to showcase the branding that they’ve worked so hard on and with the marketplace becoming more and more diluted, these different features can help brands stand out.

If your company doesn’t have strong branding, mission or story then you may be better off letting the A+ shine with product information, pulling this closer to the top of the page. But if your company has a story that speaks volumes about who you are and why people should buy from you, this feature is a must.

Amazon A+ can only store so much information and should be focused on the product itself. An Amazon Brand Story goes across your entire inventory, helping to push the message of your brand to everyone across ASINs.

Amazon Brand Story Best Practices

1. Humanise your brand
Showcase who you are and what makes you unique. Are you a family-owned business that has been around for 50+ years? Have your products won awards? Do you care about the planet – what do you do to help?

2. Help shoppers understand the feature
As this is still fairly new, not many listings have utilised it. Add in instructions such as “swipe for more” for mobile users, to make sure that everything you’ve added gets seen.

3. Keep it brand focused
It’s called a Brand Story for a reason, so don’t overpopulate the feature with other ASINs. It’s important to showcase your range and a great way to link to your Amazon store but adding too many product options can detract from the message and put shoppers off.

4. Highlight what sets you apart
Did you know that when customers think a brand has a strong purpose, they’re 4.5x more likely to recommend the brand to family and friends? (Zeno, Strength of Purpose Study, 2020).

5. Don’t overdo it
Keep your Brand Story clear and concise – with the ability to add up to 19 modules, the Brand Story could be huge! The background image needs to grab shoppers’ attention and work with all of these scrolling modules, so nothing too fancy, please!

Overall, we believe that the Amazon Brand Story feature is a great way for brands to stand out and highlight who they are. PLUS, Amazon is currently offering Seller Central users the chance to unlock Premium A+ COMPLETELY FREE if they have at least 15 pieces of approved A+ content and an Amazon Brand Story featured on their inventory!

To find out more about how we can help you create an awesome Amazon Brand Story or if you would like more information on unlocking Premium A+, contact our Amazon experts today.

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