eBay Seller FAQs

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If you are struggling with the ins and outs of selling on eBay then fear not. We have compiled a list of helpful FAQs to give you the answers to your most sought after queries, from the fees that you will be charged when selling on the eBay marketplace and what to include in your listings to promoting your listings and opening an eBay Shop. If you have any other questions which aren’t included in this list, then don’t hesitate to get in contact and ask us!


How much will I be charged when selling on eBay?

The fees will vary depending on the type of listings and also which (if any) add-ons you choose. However, the basic fees are as follows:

Basic Shop final value fee – 10% (as of 1/4/18)
Insertion fee – £0.15 (Business Seller with Shop), £0.30 (Business Seller without Shop)

Some extra add-ons:

  • Reserve price (4% of the reserve price, max £150)
  • Add Buy it now price – £0.50
  • Gallery Plus – £2.50
  • Subtitle – £1.00
  • Listing Designer – £0.30 (free from 1/4/18)
  • Listing in 2 categories – £0.35

eBay Shop fees:

  • Basic Shop – £25.00
  • Featured Shop – £69.00
  • Anchor Shop – £269.00

Calculate your potential fees here.


What should I include in my product listings?


You have up to 80 characters to include brand name, size, colour, condition, model number. Do not waste characters with copy such as “wow”, “look”, acronyms or all caps.


Use complete sentences and grammar, and start with the most important details such as size, shape, colour, age and any notable features or markings. Include the items condition and be clear on exactly what is included.

We get that setting up and optimising your listings isn’t always a straightforward process. Find out how our team of experts could help your business.


How can I promote my listings?

eBay Promoted Listings is simple, head to ‘Marketing’ > ‘Promote your listings’ > ‘Create a new campaign’ and select which listings you want to promote. Unlike typical online advertising campaigns, you don’t pay for each click but instead pay a percentage of the final sale price (anywhere from 1-20%). So, if people click on the ad but don’t convert, you don’t pay anything.

For more info about eBay Promoted Listings, check out our dedicated page.


How do I open an eBay Store?

To open an eBay Store you need to meet certain requirements:

  • You must have an eBay Seller’s account
  • You must have a verified PayPal account
  • Not have a below standard seller performance rating

If you tick all of these boxes then go to ‘My eBay’ and click on ‘Account > Subscriptions’ and then ‘Subscribe’ next to eBay Stores.


Can I use HTML on my Store pages?

Yes. Go to ‘Manage My Store’ and then ‘Store Design’ to begin taking advantage of the customisable options. For more information about or eBay Shop services, click here.


Can I ship globally on eBay?

Yes, using the Global Shipping Program (GSP). This is similar to Amazon’s FBA European Fulfilment Network. Once an item sells the seller sends it to the Global Shipping Centre, once it arrives the seller’s job is done and eBay will ship the product from the Shipping Centre to its final destination.

At Marketplace AMP we can help manage all aspects of selling on eBay, from optimising product listings and setting up Promoted Listings to setting up a fully functioning eBay Shop. If you are looking for help with any or all of these areas then please get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help grow your sales.

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