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We’re the UK’s only FMCG grocery aisle Cdiscount specialists.

From food and drink essentials, health and beauty must-haves and pet care necessities, we’ve got the grocery aisle covered, so your customers can find, love and buy your products on Cdiscount.

Our cdiscount experts can help accelerate sales at every stage of your e-commerce journey.

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why marketplace amp?

We have a team of experts to help with every stage of the customer journey. As an experienced e-commerce agency, we offer a range of Cdiscount services to help you setup, manage and optimise your Cdiscount listings!

Our talented content team is made up of expert graphic designers, photographers and copywriters who make sure your listings look great — with high-res images and copy that convert!

amp’s operations team and PPC experts are here to ensure you get the best return on investment on ad spend. Utilising our expert knowledge of advertising and Cdiscount strategy, we’ll help you outrank, outbid and outsell the competition.

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Cdiscount is a key player in French e-commerce, achieving impressive sales of around €2 billion in 2020 and attracting over 23 million unique visitors per month, 10
million of which are active customers, and 2 million are frequent subscribers!

The leading French marketplaces are battling it out for the top spot, and although Amazon.fr leapfrogged Cdiscount in terms of sales in 2020, Cdiscount’s market share of French e-commerce sales from 2012–2020 is a whopping 43.6%.

With only 13,000 professional sellers, Cdiscount offers less competition and a huge opportunity for international traders. It is actively seeking to attract foreign sellers to diversify its product catalogue and compete on price with existing sellers.

Renowned for its excellent range of high-tech products and computing, Cdiscount sells items in almost all product categories except fresh food, and it has built a reputation for offering low prices. Traders pay a monthly subscription of €39.99, then a commission of between 4.5% and 20% per product sold, depending on the product category.

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Sellers can amplify their sales with Cdiscount’s Sponsored Products programme, a PPC (pay-per-click) option which develops the visibility of your products by displaying them in strategic locations on the marketplace.

Cdiscount offers its own logistics service, Cdiscount Fulfilment. Similar to Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon), Cdiscount’s service is integrated into the marketplace and provides over 18,500 pick up points.

A free-shipping subscription called Cdiscount on Demand, similar to Amazon Prime, is available for €29 per year. It provides free shipping on orders over €25 and also runs special offers for members.


Low pricing is the key to securing Cdiscount’s ‘Buy Box’ as only the best price is shown to consumers. Whilst other performance factors are not as important, Cdiscount does monitor the overall performance of sellers to an extent and acts quickly if too many complaints are received, although there is currently no specific guidance on this.

Electronic products and household appliances are the most popular product categories for Cdiscount, but this growing marketplace has been working on securing more sellers of home furnishings, luggage and jewellery.

how can we help?

If you’d like more information on expanding your business to Cdiscount or any of the world’s online marketplaces, contact us today! marketplace amp can help you create your accounts, optimise your product listings and advertise effectively.


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