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Carefully crafted design plays a huge role in marketing your products on Amazon. The measured arrangement of shapes, colours and textures not only brings your products to life but helps to improve the customer’s buying journey and build your brand’s reputation.

Shoppers form their first impression within just 50 milliseconds, so presenting attention-grabbing product visuals that are clear and informative is vital! It’s more important than ever for brands to be instantly recognisable as more businesses look to establish themselves in competitive e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon.

marketplace amp’s Amazon design services creates high-resolution banners, images and infographics that showcase your products on the digital shelf. We take shoppers on a visually engaging journey of brand and product discovery across all aspects of your Amazon content to boost your conversions and sales!

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types of amazon design

amazon b+

The product images used for an Amazon listing appear at the top of the page in the B+ content ‘image deck’. Brands can see a 58% sales lift by optimising their Amazon images!

The aim is to help products stand out on the digital shelf via a combination of call-out images, lifestyle photography, and infographics. Recreating an in-store experience in this way allows consumers to see multiple angles, zoom in on fine detail, read on-pack information — and make that all-important purchase decision!

amazon B+ design
Fybogel Amazon B+ Content_image deck_design service_marketplace amp

amazon a+

Amazon A+ content is freely accessible to all traders on the marketplace, but it’s important to understand how to get the best out of it. A+ allows sellers to dive deeper into their products, brand story and values, for a richer customer experience. This is achieved via a combination of engaging copy, visuals, and comparison tables.

According to Amazon, applying high-quality A+ content to your product listings can boost sales by up to 3-10%!

amazon A+ design

amazon premium a+

Premium A+ is the pinnacle of Amazon content! It’s an advanced version of the Standard A+, enabling brands to provide a more immersive shopping experience for consumers, thanks to sophisticated content options including embedded HD videos and interactive modules.

Amazon claims that product listings enhanced with a full suite of Premium A+ content is likely to boost sales by up to 15%!

amazon premium A+ design
Durex Premium A+ Example - Amazon Strategy Service by marketplace amp
Beauty Kitchen Storefront - amazon content services - marketplace amp

amazon stores

An Amazon Store is a multipage branded website hosted on the Amazon marketplace. Here, brands can showcase a curated collection of their products in a digital store. This is a fully immersive feature that’s free to set up! With high-quality design and imagery in place, it helps brands to gain consumers’ trust and drive sales.

An Amazon Store helps you to sell more — with the potential to increase sales by up to 70%!

amazon store design

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If you’re a Vendor who is just getting started or a professional Seller who is struggling to increase your conversion rate, we know how to enhance your Amazon journey!

Our team of expert designers can create the striking visuals you need to make your Amazon listings outshine the competition. We can advise, set-up, manage and A/B test your content to ensure it is delivering the best results for your products. Contact our experienced team to see how you can amplify your sales!