CGI Product Photography

CGI Product Photography

Product photography is the first thing consumers see on Amazon. Our new CGI product photography service can take your product imagery to the next level and amplify your sales across the world’s marketplaces.

CGI has revolutionised e-commerce product imagery, giving brands the creativity, flexibility and affordability to create attention-grabbing shots that enhance both the brand story and customer experience!

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How CGI photography boosts sales

We’re combining our e-commerce and digital content expertise to deliver striking high-definition product images that will give your products the edge over the competition!

The advancement in technology makes it almost impossible to spot the difference between computer-generated imagery and traditional high-resolution photography, which is why CGI — and the added benefits it brings — often makes it the preferred option for major e-commerce brands!

Home décor giants, IKEA, for example, revealed that 75% of the product images in its catalogue are CGI!

cgi product photography benefits

1. Reduce your time to market

Get product listings set up faster and ahead of new product launches! CGI removes the reliance on the manufacturing process and any associated delays, so you can get on with creating dazzling imagery that’s ready to launch at a click of a button! Prepare size, colour and angle variants for a consistent look across your inventory without the need for a physical photoshoot. 

2. Achieve the impossible

Real-world photos in a computer-generated environment… It’s not only product photography that benefits from CGI. Create realistic lifestyle photography in any environment in which you wish to showcase your product! From supermarket shelves and homes to gardens and desert islands, the possibilities are endless.

3. Flexibility & longevity 

3D models can be repositioned and edited to ensure consumers see the perfect product shot time and time again, whether it’s from the front, side or with an updated packaging design! Only one 3D model of each type of product is required, rather than gathering samples of every product as you would with traditional photography. Once your product model has been created, different angles, colours and textures can be digitally applied to it too, giving you a ‘future-proof’ process for new product launches too!

4. Creativity

Apply special effects or subtle enhancements to give your product the ‘wow’ factor. Shadows, lighting, colours and textures can all be perfected to ensure consumers see the best version of your products when shopping online! With no unwanted glare or visible on-pack imperfections, why wouldn’t they ‘add to basket’?

5. Money-saving quality

3D product models can be reused, so if an extra shot is required, it can be done at speed at a minimal cost. Perfect for packaging design updates, new flavours, colours, texture changes and more!

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Hillfarm Oils’ presence on Amazon has gone from strength to strength. The team have helped us to achieve high performing product listings. They supported us through the entire process, from set up and optimisation, through to AMS management and ongoing maintenance.
Lawrence Frohn Business Manager at Hillfarm Oils
I’ve been working with them for a couple of years on a number of my accounts, and they are consistently proactive, timely and offer excellent attention to detail. They are great to work with, and are always more than happy to help and offer guidance. I would highly recommend them for any ecommerce project.
Lucy Clarke National Account Manager at Brabantia
marketplace amp is one of the first trusted agencies to use the new Durex branding as part of the brand’s global relaunch. We’re impressed with the team’s very high quality content. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!
Emma Bennett Durex - eCommerce Content Manager at RB
I would recommend them in a heartbeat; they are fast to act, achieve the goals and provide excellent communication at every step along the road.
Stuart Theobald Head of Sales at SIGG UK
They are a professional agency, with a can do attitude, and experience to optimise online sales through Amazon. Great to work with, and we look forward to doing more together in this ever changing market!
Penny Maystone COO at FabLittleBag
Experience in A+ Premium is hard to find - the team at marketplace amp are very responsive, extremely thorough with detail and produce very high quality content, which comes from a place of experience. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!
Emma Bennett Dettol, Veet, Scholl & Senokot - eCommerce Content Manager at RB

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