Shake That Weight

the brief

Shake That Weight offers an effective and balanced meal replacement solution for rapid weight loss!

With the fitness supplement industry in Britain now worth around £650 million a year, Shake That Weight is sprinting ahead and set to take the lead to the finishing line and a share of this growing market!

Already operating in a competitive market space, the client was not experiencing any substantial growth outside of seasonal trends, so we focused on driving intent and awareness of the brand and accelerating sales.

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Shake That Weight

the challenge

  • Setting up FBA and fulfilment forecasting
  • Ongoing management
  • Assistance in assessing marketplace potential for new listings
  • Ongoing consultancy and consumer insight to amplify sales
  • Sponsored Product Ads for core brand terms and products identified as key potential sellers
  • Demand-Side Platform campaigns focusing around in-markets to engage with customers to increase brand awareness and target customers shopping in the category
  • Increase conversion and showcase the brands strong story using EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)
  • Building an Amazon storefront to aid brand awareness with consumers

accelerating sales

Ongoing management of the product positioning and brand story to help persuade consumers to buy our client’s products rather than third parties, communicating key messaging via A+ content, boosting conversion for its key products.

Demand-Side Platform drove more awareness via our in-market targets and remarketing, achieving an overall sales increase month-on-month of 23%.

  • 34% reduction in Advertising Cost of Sales.
  • These results exceeded the client’s objectives by 180%.
  • The client is now looking to roll this approach out across European markets.

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Shake that weight CGI product photography example - cgi for amazon - marketplace amp

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