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The first 10 seconds of a page visit are critical for a consumer’s decision to stay or leave. Our Amazon heat map service allows brands to see how consumers interact with their product listings to ensure you outrank, outbid and outsell your competition!

We’re excited to be the first Amazon specialist agency to enter into a strategic partnership with leading artificial intelligence and content optimisation specialists Dragonfly AI.

accelerate sales with marketplace amps amazon heat map analysis service - amaozn heat map service
Amazon Heat map technology - amazon heat map service - marketplace amp

How does it work?

Harnessing the latest heat map technology — the result of over 10 years of cutting-edge research — we can analyse your products’ ability to grab immediate attention and provide statistical evidence highlighting which areas of your e-commerce content needs work to truly capture the attention of shoppers.

From auditing through to making improvements to your product content, together we’ll amplify your product listings!


Amazon heat map service features

heat map analysis icon - amazon heat map service - marketplace amp

Heat map analysis

Reviewing the visual impact of product listings

Search icon - amazon heat map service - marketplace amp

Search result analysis

Analysing the impact of your product in search results

competitors icon - amazon heat map service - marketplace amp

Competitor analysis

A look at how your product stands out against the competition

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Audit & Implementation

We’ll provide a detailed report and deliver improvements

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If you’d like to find out more about our Amazon heat map analysis service, contact us today! We can support you in your Amazon journey to accelerate your sales today!

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