Digital Shelf Optimisation

Harness the power of Performance Analysis and Data-Driven Decisions to supercharge your sales strategy.

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Digital Shelf Optimisation

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Unlocking the power of your digital shelf

Enabling growth for established brands

Whether operating exclusively online or with a bricks-and-clicks business model, a shared challenge emerges: the digital shelf must deliver results.

And for established brands who’ve already invested in optimising their e-commerce presence, a question arises: How can we elevate efficacy even further?

The solution lies in moving beyond conventional reporting metrics and delving into the realm of advanced data science. Through AI-driven visual analytics, user experience studies, and real user research, you gain the ability to genuinely comprehend your audience’s perception of your brand, and its products, to truly assess your influence on the digital shelf.

Digital Shelf Analytics

Enhanced e-commerce analytics to fuel profitable growth with insights for measuring and optimising your online growth levers.

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Visual AI-Driven Analytics

Data-led content and visual analytics that delivers class-leading customer UX and CVR.

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Quantitative User Research

Usability testing that identifies pain points, validates designs, and helps with informed product decisions.

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PIM / DAM consultancy to streamline and automate workflows using AI and process planning.

it was a privilege to work with marketplace amp in what proved to be a transformative experience for our brand & experience design team at reckitt.”

Sonia Lahcene

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So it’s time to elevate your online success with digital shelf optimisation?

We can help you harness the power of performance analysis and make data-driven decisions to supercharge your sales strategy.

Our solutions take the guess work out of marketplace and retail media content, speeding up A/B testing and workflows to deliver class-leading results.

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