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Presenting eye-catching Amazon main product images that are clear and informative is crucial when it comes to selling online. 67% of shoppers consider images to be more important than product information, and even reviews!

marketplace amp’s Amazon mobile-ready hero image service ensures you can capture consumers’ attention at a glance. A high-quality main product image helps your product stand out from the competition on the search results page, boosting conversions and sales.

Our skilled designers take complicated pack designs and turn them into striking product hero images that you can apply to your Amazon listings, and beyond!

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what exactly is a mobile-ready product hero image?

The purpose of a mobile-ready hero image is to ensure a product’s main image grabs consumers’ attention on the digital shelf. Creating one involves simplifying the standard packshot so that only the most important information can be seen more clearly on handheld devices and in cluttered search results. This helps shoppers to quickly recognise your product and brand.

Arming shoppers with the ‘who, what, and how many’ about your product with a single image gives them enough information to make a one-click purchase! At the very least, it gives your listing authority and encourages consumers to click through to your product detail page.

optimise for mobile devices

With over 70% of traffic flowing through Amazon on mobile devices, it’s essential that your product images are mobile-ready. Fast-loading, mobile-optimised Amazon hero images can help increase click-through rates and conversions, whilst also reducing returns.

why marketplace amp?

If you’re a Vendor who is just getting started or a professional Seller who is struggling to increase your conversion rate, we can take the hassle out of your Amazon journey!

Our team of expert designers can create the striking imagery you need to make your Amazon listings successful. We can advise, set-up, manage and A/B test your content to ensure it is delivering the best results for your products.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with the optimisation of your images or a full photoshoot, our experts are here to help. Contact our experienced team to see how you can amplify your sales!