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We’re the UK’s only FMCG grocery aisle Walmart specialists.

From food and drink essentials, health and beauty must-haves and pet care necessities, we’ve got the grocery aisle covered, so your customers can find, love and buy your products on Walmart.

Our Walmart experts can help accelerate sales at every stage of your e-commerce journey.

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Walmart Strategy

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Walmart content optimisation

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Walmart Advertising

why marketplace amp?

We have a range of experts to help with every stage of the customer journey. As an experienced e-commerce agency, we have a range of Walmart services to help you setup, manage and optimise your Walmart listings!

Our talented content team is made up of expert graphic designers, photographers and copywriters to make sure your listings look great — with high-res images and copy that convert!

amp’s operation team and PPC experts are here to ensure you get the best return on investment on ad spend. Utilising our expert knowledge of advertising and Walmart strategy to help you outrank, outbid and outsell the competition.

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Describing itself as “the world’s largest innovative omnichannel retailer” US-based Walmart boasts one of the world’s largest marketplaces, with over 110 million unique visitors each month!

Although its US e-commerce market share of 5.3% is some way off Amazon’s, in 2020 Walmart.com surpassed eBay to move into second place on the list of Top 10 US Companies.

This long-standing ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer has rapidly expanded its e-commerce offering, with a huge range of product categories. It reported online sales growth of 70% for its financial year ending in January 2021, with e-commerce sales hitting a whopping $43 billion.

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Walmart.com offers various advertising options to help retailers looking to expand and diversify on the marketplace, including sponsored product and onsite and offsite display ad options to boost discoverability and visibility.

A new DSP (demand-side platform) ad function filled with exclusive Walmart data and inventory provides a self-service model to help sellers target more relevant audiences based on Walmart’s loyalty card and online shopper data.

Walmart’s confidential Seller Verification process is used ensure that only the best retailers become sellers, offering greater brand protection. To help speed up this process, many sellers are conditionally approved upon receipt of their application. Listing fees on Walmart.com are typically between 6% and 20% of the product sale price.


Walmart’s mobile app ensures an optimised buying journey for customers via their mobile phone or tablet. Walmart Plus was launched in 2020 as a rival to Amazon Prime, and has grown very quickly for a loyalty scheme, boasting as many as 9 million members already.

It is estimated that almost 20% of Walmart Plus members migrated from Amazon Prime, offering subscribers features, such as unlimited free delivery, fuel discounts, and faster in-store shopping with ‘Scan & Go’, providing them with an attractive omnichannel experience.

Aside from selling your products on the Walmart marketplace, you also gain access to affiliate websites, including Shoes.com, Moosejaw.com, and more.

how can we help?

If you’d like more information on expanding your business with bol.com or any of the world’s online marketplaces, contact us today! marketplace amp can help you create your accounts, optimise your product listings and advertise effectively. We understand what encourages customers to find, love and buy your products, not abandon them.


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