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How the world’s marketplaces have responded to Covid-19

The past six weeks have seen an unprecedented period of e-commerce worldwide, as businesses and consumers alike strive to find solutions during an increasingly challenging pandemic. Non-essential bricks and mortar stores have closed and social distancing has seen enormous queues at supermarkets, so it’s not surprising that online shopping is booming, particularly in the grocery, […]

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Grocery sector insight: how Amazon and brands are adapting to feed the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a firm grip on all aspects of our daily lives and social distancing has presented many new challenges for business. As its turbulent impact on the way consumers shop becomes clearer, we take a look at the repercussions for the online grocery sector, which is being forced to quickly adapt […]

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Everything sellers need to know right now about Covid-19’s impact on e-commerce

The hot topic of the moment, the coronavirus pandemic, presents a worrying and somewhat unpredictable time for everyone. Life cannot, however, simply grind to a halt — for many reasons — and this crisis therefore also presents opportunities to support those in isolation and help keep businesses and the economy afloat.  As shoppers are strongly […]

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Introducing AmafestUK: the biggest Amazon conference of 2020!

AmafestUK is fast-approaching and this full day conference for current and future Amazon traders and distributors offers the perfect opportunity to network, learn and ultimately take away some fantastic advice! Ten leading guest speakers, including our very own Commercial Director, Matt Anderson, will each give an insightful 25-minute talk, covering a wide range of topics […]

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Introducing Amazon Sponsored Display — and what it means for your ad campaigns

Amazon has launched an exciting new self-service advertising solution that gives Amazon traders the potential to take their business to the next level via a range of discoverability and customer re-engagement capabilities. Read on to understand the key features of Amazon Sponsored Display advertising and how it can help you to successfully target a larger […]

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How to maximise your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales — what you need to know!

It’s almost that time of year again. The most wonderful time of the year, where the world prepares itself for a basket-busting onslaught from consumers on the biggest marketplaces. No, it’s not quite Christmas, but the two most lucrative online shopping events in the calendar: Black Friday (29th November) and Cyber Monday (2nd December)! Now […]

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1st Amazon agency to launch content heat map analysis!

Did you know the first 10 seconds of a webpage visit are critical for a consumer’s decision to stay or go? So to help amplify your sales we have launched an AI content service to ensure you outsell your competitors. We’re excited to be the first Amazon specialist agency to enter into a strategic partnership with leading artificial intelligence […]

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Alexa — it’s everywhere… but what is it & why is it shaping the future?

This year Amazon’s SVP of devices and services, Dave Limp, revealed that more than 100 million devices with Alexa built into them have been sold so far. So there’s no better time for your brand to get on board as it fast becomes the command centre of many households and businesses. So what can you really […]

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Marketplace amp & Montage Communications Announce Merger News & Triple Appointment

So we have some exciting news to share…drumroll please! We’ve merged with our sister agency Montage Communications Ltd. The merger will expand global marketing and e-commerce capabilities and bring enhanced customer experiences at every potential brand touchpoint — from initial brand discovery via social and PR through to e-commerce sales. Director and Co-Founder, Aime Anderson, […]

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vendor central to seller central

Moving from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central – Find out why breaking up is not always so bad!

Editorial credit: / Hitting the headlines this month is Amazon’s Vendor Purge and it’s been causing chaos…but don’t panic, we have the solution! Over the last few days vendors across a range of product categories received routine order cancellations via emails from the e-tailer.  In a nutshell Amazon has informed vendors that it will […]

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Find out why you should become an Amazon Business Seller!

What is Amazon Business? Amazon Business provides the opportunity for sellers to offer specific pricing or discounts for business customers only, as well as other features such as displaying ex-VAT pricing. The general user searching on Amazon would be able to view the product, but would not see any specific business prices or ex-VAT pricing, […]

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Amazon FBA vs. Vendor Central – What you need to know!

So, you have a Vendor Central account but aren’t sure whether it is actually right for you? Or maybe, you have been running Amazon successfully using FBA and have now been invited to Vendor Central and you’re not sure what the best option is? Well, here we will detail the ins and outs of both […]

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