Re-shaping brand integration with the world’s marketplaces — 8 Linnworks features that we love, and you need!

Trading on the world’s marketplaces offers brands an opportunity to reach millions of consumers across the globe. But there are many pieces to the jigsaw, and joining together inventory management, product listings, shipping, reporting and more can seem like a never-ending task!

Here, we explore the advantages of Linnworks, a fantastic solution for controlling multiple e-commerce channels from one single hub.

What is Linnworks?Linnworks

Linnworks is a single cloud-based platform that connects and automates all the different parts of your selling processes across multiple channels.

This means you can spend less time on order processing, labels, picking, packing and spreadsheets, and more time leading and growing your business. Genius!

Linnworks’ rich integrations network enables retailers and wholesalers to expand the functionality of their back office, whilst diversifying risk across multiple marketplaces — why put all your eggs in one basket? If the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it is to ensure that brands have multiple, diverse revenue streams.

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Growing your business through Linnworks is more than just a plug and play solution. As a certified Linnworks Partner and marketplace strategy specialist, we have the expertise to simplify and enhance your Linnworks integration journey so you can make the most of it. Find out more here.

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And, if you’re still not convinced, here’s 8 Linnworks features that we love, and you just might need too:

1.Multi-Channel E-Commerce Software

Take ownership of your business and achieve rapid growth across Amazon, eBay, Shopify and more. Trusted by thousands of online sellers.

2. Inventory Management Software

Connect your sales channels and synchronise your stock for increased efficiency, greater cost-savings and more freedom.

3. Multi-Channel Listing Software

Reduce your workload, achieve greater clarity and manage your product listings, all from one centralised location, saving countless hours.

4. Order Management System

Gives multi-channel sellers the ability to track, process and fulfil orders in less time and with greater oversight.

5. Stock Control Software

Achieve complete visibility of your stock levels and stock movements, saving you valuable time, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

6. Shipping Management Software

Reduce your workload, save valuable time and take control of your e-commerce business. Perfect for multi-channel sellers.

7. Custom Reporting Software

Make better business decisions and increase profitability by analysing historical sales data and identifying your top performing channels, products and markets.

8. Bespoke Customisation Options

Simplify even the most complex of business processes and, in turn, save time and reduce human error with the Linnworks Rules Engine and Bespoke Customisation Functionality.


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