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Our Amazon Seller and Vendor Insights Audit provides key data, shopper behaviour, and product development ideas to help you AMPlify sales

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Audits that AMPlify your Amazon performance

Do you know everything there is to know about your market, your customers and your competition? No, not many businesses do, but this is vitally important information when it comes to selling on Amazon.

At marketplace amp, we can fill in the gaps. We’ve developed a unique approach to help you understand the size of an ecommerce market, who your customers are and what drives them, and how your competitors operate online. We then build a business case to empower your decision making and give your brand a competitive edge.

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What’s included in our insights audit?

  • Understand your market: Discover your market size, segmentation and key drivers, identify cross-category trends, uncover what’s next in the markets that matter to you and plan for the future with our two-year trends forecast.
  • Meet your consumer: Understand who the customers are in your category, what’s driving their interest and the breakout trends to watch.
  • Know the competition: Identify the profiles and market share of the key players in your market and reveal how they’re innovating to capitalise on the latest trends in your industry or marketplace
  • Build a business case: Calculate the opportunity score vs. the risk of competition and get pricing, margin analysis and full forecasting information.      

Know your market better than anyone else

Gut feelings and guesswork will only get you so far. Experience and instincts are valuable, of course, but research shows that ecommerce businesses that base their decisions on data are 19 times more likely to be profitable. There are lots of reasons for this. One of the biggest is that the world keeps changing.

You can’t always have the presence of mind to predict every disruptive event or foresee when a competitor is going to turn your market on its head. And that’s where we come in. Our insight audit gives you full visibility of your market, the opportunities, the threats and the business case for entering a new marketplace. You then have a single point of truth you can rely on when making critical decisions. 

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