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We’re the UK’s only FMCG grocery aisle FNAC specialists.

From food and drink essentials, health and beauty must-haves and pet care necessities, we’ve got the grocery aisle covered, so your customers can find, love and buy your products on FNAC.

Our FNAC experts can help accelerate sales at every stage of your e-commerce journey.

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FNAC strategy

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FNAC advertising

why marketplace amp?

We have a team of experts to help with every stage of the customer journey. As an experienced e-commerce agency, we offer a range of Fnac services to help you setup, manage and optimise your Fnac listings!

Our talented content team is made up of expert graphic designers, photographers and copywriters who make sure your listings look great — with high-res images and copy that convert!

amp’s operations team and PPC experts are here to ensure you get the best return on investment on ad spend. Utilising our expert knowledge of advertising and Fnac strategy, we’ll help you outrank, outbid and outsell the competition.

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French marketplace Fnac is the 3rd most visited marketplace in France, and 6th most visited in Europe, with over 22 million unique visitors per month. Owned by large retail chain Fnac Darty, it is a leading retailer of high-tech products and many of its 29 million registered users are young consumers who use the marketplace to find deals in this category.

Fnac also offers products across an extensive range of categories, from health and beauty to home and garden, each offering goods from mid-range price points through to premium products.

Around 25% of Fnac customers are aged between 35-49 years old, and this includes young families with strong spending power.


Once you’ve registered with Fnac, a Key Account Manager will be assigned to facilitate the growth of your business on the marketplace. All sellers can benefit from free marketing activity run by Fnac, including newsletters, onsite banner ads and sales promotions.

Fnac is keen to onboard premium and well-known UK brands. Any UK businesses seeking to join Fnac need to be brand owners or authorised brand sellers, and must be able to handle all busines to consumer matters, from uploading offers to delivering orders.


It’s free to create a Fnac account, but there is a monthly fee of € 39.99 (excluding VAT). Fnac charges between 6% and 16% commission for each product sold, depending on the type of product.

Customer service and satisfaction is very important to Fnac, helping to set it apart from its rivals. Sellers must be able to provide after-sales support in French, and must respond to customer enquiries within 24 hours.

Sellers are also required to “respect” the Fnac quality charter, which includes achieving an average customer ratings of over 4.5 out of 5, and an order acceptance rate of over 95%.

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how can we help?

If you’d like more information on expanding your business to Fnac or any of the world’s online marketplaces, contact us today! marketplace amp can help you create your accounts, optimise your product listings and advertise effectively.

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