eBay Advanced Audience Technology

Rising above the competition on eBay and getting your products seen by the right audience can be a tough task when you consider that there are over 187 million eBay users and over 1.7 billion product listings!

Advertising on eBay gives brands and sellers the opportunity to increase the visibility and discoverability of their products. eBay’s Advanced Audience Technology (eAAT) uses advertising that targets shoppers with improved accuracy, based on genuine interest and intent, whilst future-proofing against privacy regulations.

marketplace amp’s team of advertising specialists know how to increase your brand’s reach, click-through rates and sales on eBay, with our eAAT service!

Hillfarm eBay Shop Example - eBay Shop Service - marketplace amp

what is eAAT?

eAAT is eBay’s innovative advertising platform that uses customer account data to home in on relevant shoppers, instead of using tracking cookies. This enables your brand to concentrate on users who are ready to buy, increasing click-through rates by up to 53%.

Your ads are only delivered to shoppers who are interested in buying your products, so they are more likely to appreciate the ad! Once the customer has purchased the advertised product, they are automatically removed from the ad’s target audience.

eAAT advertising offers layered targeting options, including keyword targeting and a range of attention-grabbing ad formats to choose from. This form of eBay advertising is a server-to-server programme that isn’t subject to match rates (i.e. the percentage of users from an audience segment that an ad platform is able to recognise). eAAT provides both precision and scale, giving your ad campaign up to 3x more reach than traditional options!

why marketplace amp?

Whether you’re new to eBay and just getting started, or an experienced seller who needs help with optimising your eAAT strategy, let us take the hassle out of your eBay journey!

We’re a dedicated team of FMCG e-commerce specialists who create, set up and optimise impactful eAAT strategies for both eBay UK and eBay USA, ensuring that your return on investment (ROI) is maximised. Our team can tailor a strategy to help your brand outshine the competition and send your products to the top of eBay search results.


Our eBay advertising services include:

  • Identifying key products in your range that could benefit from eAAT or Promoted Listings
  • Setting up and optimising the ad campaigns
  • Trialling different ad rates to identify the sweet spot for your products ensuring that your listings are getting good visibility on results pages
  • Regular reporting on the performance of your advertising campaigns

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