Amazon Brand Registry
training course

Join our Amazon Brand Registry training course, designed to provide sellers with a comprehensive understanding of the registration process and how to use the program's tools to protect their brand and improve their product listings.

1 or 2 hour courses available, held online via Zoom weekly, with a maximum of 4 delegates per session.

course overview

Participants will learn how to establish and manage their brand on Amazon, including creating a unique brand identity, registering their products, and safeguarding their intellectual property rights. They will also discover the advantages of enrolling in the Brand Registry, such as access to advanced brand content, control over product listings, and streamlined reporting tools.

By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to leverage the Amazon Brand Registry to maximise their sales and safeguard their brand from unauthorised sellers.

learning outcomes

  • how to change a brand or push content live through BR
  • understand the main purpose of Amazon Brand Registry and how it helps brands protect their IP
  • brand requirements and how to enrol your brand
  • how to assign brand role permissions
  • better understand the ‘Access to Selling Benefits’ for Seller Central
  • introduction to Amazon Transparency
  • introduction to Project Zero
  • report intellectual property infringements
  • how to report brand violations to remove any bad actors
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meet your coach

Tarro Giannesi

Strategy & Development Manager

Tarro has a wealth of experience in assisting companies to successfully generate commercial growth on international marketplaces. He provides ongoing organizational training on Amazon and eBay, both for for internal marketing and sales teams right through to C-suite professionals, all tailored to your specific brand’s needs.

He runs a range of courses for startups to multinationals that fit everyone’s budget, from an hour long Zoom session in your lunch hour or a day long face-to-face session in our Cambridge office or at your HQ.

Get in touch today to see how he can help you accelerate your online sales!

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