why premium a+ will accelerate your online sales

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One of the most important parts of the Amazon jigsaw for brands is to ensure that they are using quality content on each product page. With the sharp growth in online shopping and up to 54% of all online product searches starting on Amazon, presenting first-class content to consumers offers brands an opportunity to take advantage of all that traffic.

what is premium a+ content?

According to Amazon, product listings enhanced with a full suite of Premium A+ content is likely to boost sales by up to 15%, compared to 3-10% with standard A+ content.

Both standard A+ Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content) and Premium A+ Content (or A++) enables brands to showcase their products’ most important features and benefits and create a better user experience via a combination of engaging copy, visuals and comparison tables.

Premium A+, however, provides a more immersive shopping experience thanks to sophisticated content options, including interactive modules. Here, we look at why brands should consider upgrading to Premium A+ to propel their product listings to the next level!

premium a+ content

features at a glance

  • more modules, more space!
  • improved product discoverability
  • enhanced user experience (UX)
  • increased content width
  • full-width imagery
  • high-definition video content
  • interactive comparison tables 
  • engaging feature hotspots
  • clickable Q&A section
  • scrolling carousel modules
  • positive reviews & fewer returns

premium a+ content — how it accelerates sales

boosting product discoverability

Premium A+ Content boosts discoverability, improving the chance for your products to be found in search results, driving more traffic to your Amazon listings.

improved user experience (UX)

The superior content functionality of Amazon A++ allows for better storytelling to convert sales. A++ improves UX and satisfies a shopper’s need for detail, whatever stage of the buying funnel they’re at.

enhanced visuals

The maximum content width for Premium A+ is 1464px compared to 970px for standard A+, giving brands the opportunity to expand the visual impact of their listings with more engaging, attention-grabbing and informative banners and scrolling imagery!

embedded high-definition videos

Amazon A++ enables brands to use embedded HD videos. Standard A+ doesn’t offer videos, and only one video slot available for all listings in the B Content (amongst the image deck by the main product title and bullet points). With Premium A+ you can also expand your HD video to full screen for a more striking user experience!

interactive hotspot modules

Think of ‘hotspot’ modules as supercharged, interactive call-out images. They boost consumer engagement by prompting shoppers to interact. Shoppers can hover over ‘hotspot’ areas of an image — whether it be an image of the product itself or, for example, a human body or a cross-section of a house — to view exploding text boxes that pinpoint the key product benefits.

comparison tables

A comparison table is a fantastic A+ tool for comparing similar products across your brand’s range. Premium A+ offers more informative and interactive comparison tables, with a wider variety of styles, including a table highlighting the key features against one fixed and one scrolling image that takes users through the product range.

positive reviews & fewer returns

With consumers able to immerse themselves in rich, complete product information, they can make better buying decisions — leading to less returns and increasing the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

how can we help?

Big brands using Vendor Central should consider upgrading from A+ content to Premium A+. Our talented team of content specialists have executed first-class A++ content for market-leading brands such as Durex, Scholl, Dettol and Lintbells.

“Experience in Premium A+ is hard to find — the team at marketplace amp are very responsive, extremely thorough with detail and produce very high-quality content, which comes from a place of experience. So far 10/10, 100% recommended!”

— Emma Bennett, E-Commerce Content Manager at Reckitt Benckiser

marketplace amp can increase your search visibility, conversion rate and sales — get in touch today to discuss our Amazon A+ and Premium A+ content services!

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