Reasons Your Brand Needs Amazon FBA

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Put in simple terms, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is allowing Amazon to store, pick, pack and deliver your products so that you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on what you do best as a business. Handing over your customer service and delivery logistics to Amazon is an ideal option particularly for smaller businesses who may not have the time or facilities to do this themselves, or who may wish to start the process of expanding internationally.

From selling in the UK to across Europe, FBA ensures faster and easier trading, whilst generating more sales for your business. Here’s why your customers are more likely to purchase a product fulfilled by Amazon…

Automatically enabled Amazon Prime delivery

Through using FBA your product will automatically become illegible for Amazon Prime, which ensures quick next-day delivery as well as same-day delivery in set postcodes across some of the UK’s cities. Amazon Prime for FBA is available in all five of Amazon’s European Marketplaces.

FBA’s increased likelihood of winning the Buy Box

Because of its availability under Amazon Prime, products fulfilled by Amazon are more likely to win the Buy Box. If this is the case, it will be displayed alongside your product so that it is from your business the product is bought when buyers select ‘Add to Basket’ . FBA is all about generating conversions for your business.

Trusted ‘Amazon’ branding 

As much as you know you’re a trustworthy company, potential customers may not. Amazon provide  their trustworthy name to delivery and customer service, making them – in theory – the number one choice for consumers. This therefore makes FBA the ideal option for smaller or lesser-known businesses who are perhaps yet to establish their name in the same way. Your customers will benefit from Amazon’s 24/7 customer service in local language and gift-wrapping from Amazon standard.

FBA allows you to ship one package of product to Amazon whilst they do the rest, shipping Europe-wide without the need for you to handle any logistics. The service is all about freeing up your time as a business and increasing your sales, with 78% of sellers using FBA confirming an increase (FBA Annual Seller Survey, 2016).

If you’re looking to up your sales and easily widen your customer base without investing in the necessary logistics, registering to Fulfillment by Amazon could be a positive move for your business.

Next steps… get more information and sign up for Fulfilment for Amazon.

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