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why your packshots are losing you sales - and how to fix it

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Online shopping is booming — particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic — and product listings must work harder than ever to outshine the competition.

The first 10 seconds of a webpage visit are critical for a consumer’s decision to stay or leave. Shoppers form their first impression within just 50 milliseconds, so presenting attention-grabbing product and packshot photography is crucial when it comes to selling online. So how does your product photography stack up?

Read on to find out why investment into your packshot photography armoury will generate sales.

Why high-quality packshots are vital for your business

A packshot is simply an image of a product (with or without its packaging) on a plain white background, serving the purpose of presenting the product as accurately as possible. 

If this sounds unimpressive, think again! Over 75% of e-commerce shoppers say that product images are influential when deciding whether or not to buy a product online.

Put it this way; we have all excitedly clicked a product listing, only to find a few very lonely low-resolution photos. You can’t zoom in and you can barely make out the packaging text. Sometimes the on-pack colours are too bright or too dull, making the product look fake or old – or sometimes the packaging is missing entirely so it’s impossible to know if it’s the correct product! It’s very sad – and you click away to search for that same product elsewhere.

Cue the importance of high-quality packshot photography. Helping your products to stand out on the digital shelf, packshots recreate an in-store experience by allowing consumers to read on-pack information, and make purchase decisions, as if they had the product physically in their hands.

If you still need convincing, 67% customers consider images more important than product-specific information, descriptions, and even reviews. So next time you shrug off packshots for enticing copy alone, you should probably think again!

To make the most of your product listings, we recommend ensuring that each piece of content marketing complements each other. Directing potential customers to your products with great ads SEO becomes pointless if your product images don’t make a good first impression and showcase them at their best!

Top tips for killer packshots that convert!

1. Multiple images with zoom functionality

Capture every angle of your product with multiple high-resolution packshot images that allow the customer to zoom in on finer details, brand messaging and label information. Think about textures, colours, features… and are you selling in bulk quantities? Show the customer to differentiate your 1-pack, 6-pack and 10-pack listings and improve your conversions.

2. 360° rotating shots

Replicate the in-store experience with high-quality 360° photography to really enhance the customer journey and boost conversions by up to 27%.

3. Apply shadowing and effects

Fine-tune your packshots with post-production colour edits, digital shadowing and more to make your products stand out from the competition.

Let’s speak about your project

If you need support with attention-grabbing packshot photography, we can help! We’re proud to be amplifying sales for some of the most successful brands in the UK.

Our first-class suite of equipment and software ensures we can tailor our studio set up, camera settings and post-production to your bespoke requirements, delivering crystal clear digital product images for Amazon, e-commerce and beyond.

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