Introducing Amazon Sponsored Display — and what it means for your ad campaigns

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Amazon has launched an exciting new self-service advertising solution that gives Amazon traders the potential to take their business to the next level via a range of discoverability and customer re-engagement capabilities.

Read on to understand the key features of Amazon Sponsored Display advertising and how it can help you to successfully target a larger proportion of an Amazon customer base of over 206 million unique visitors per month!

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What is Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display is all about reaching the right audience. It works in tandem with the existing Sponsored Ads function that enables shoppers to discover your brand. The additional ‘Display’ layer re-engages shoppers who have previously researched your brand so you can reach more potential customers that are likely to buy your products!

Amazon is offering a variety of easy-to-use, customisable tools to help you optimise the messaging of your display campaigns for different audiences. Sponsored Display is available to all professional Amazon traders who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

How do Sponsored Display campaigns work?

The beauty of Sponsored Display is that it enables brands to create display ad campaigns that run both on and off Amazon on desktop, mobile sites and apps, depending on the chosen targeting strategy and audiences. As a result, brands can reach customers that viewed advertised or similar products whilst browsing away from Amazon, directing them back to Amazon to make a purchase.

Whilst sponsored products appear within and alongside search results in the Amazon portal, sponsored brands appear at the top of the page, above search results. From the list of products added to your campaign, the Sponsored Display Views strategy also promotes the most relevant ASIN with the highest chance of conversion.

Why you should use Sponsored Display

Amazon’s new advertising solution has the potential to quickly and effectively increase consumer awareness, consideration and conversion for your brand. When you re-engage with shoppers who have previously researched your brand, you can expect to see a click rate increase of up to 46% on ads and a return on investment (ROI) up to 17 times higher! You can also reach up to 10 times more customers who are ready to buy your products than with sponsored ads alone!

How can we help?

Marketplace AMP is an experienced Amazon advertising agency with the expertise to create, set up and optimise impactful Sponsored Display advertising campaigns, for both Amazon UK and Amazon USA. With our help, you can ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is maximised. Our team can advise, set-up or manage the entire Amazon advertising process, it’s entirely up to you.

Our advertising services include:

  • Identifying target keywords for each campaign
  • Headline creation for Headline Search ads
  • Budget and bid management
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation
  • Regular reporting on the performance of your advertising campaigns

Let’s speak about your project

If you need support with Sponsored Display or any other advertising on Amazon, we can help. Contact us today to find out how we can amplify your sales. You can also send a messagetweet us or connect with us on LinkedIn.

– 46% increase in Click Rate (source: Choozle Digital Advertising Findings & Best Practices 2016)
– 17x higher return on spend in campaigns targeting audiences who researched a brand (source: Amazon Confidential, sample size of six EU advertisers)
– Reach as many as 10x more customers with display ads vs. sponsored ads alone (source: Amazon Confidential 2017)

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