How to utilise Amazon Wish List

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With Christmas just around the corner, Amazon shoppers around the world will be adding to their Amazon Wish List, hoping Santa – or the extended family – will make their wishes a reality. The wish list isn’t just a great way for shoppers to add to their baskets, it can also offer Amazon Sellers interesting insights into their products and audiences needs. 

In this blog, we’re going to cover everything brands need to know about the Amazon Wish List and how you can utilise it to help increase sales and connect with customers!

What is the Amazon Wish List? 

For shoppers who are browsing, the wish list allows them to add desired items to a list. Whether this is a specifically designed list, such as for Christmas or a wedding registry, or just a general list of needs and wants. 

Amazon Wish Lists can be kept private, just for the account users. These types of lists are great for consumers if the item they are looking at is out of stock or just slightly out of their budget. Or they can be shared, which is a great way for customers to tell their family and friends what they want for Christmas, birthdays, engagement gifts – you name it!

How does the Wish List help Amazon sellers?

It’s easy to see the advantages of the wish list for Amazon shoppers, but the real question is, how can it help Amazon Sellers? At a glance, here are some of the things sellers can find out from the Amazon Wish List:

  • Bundle/gift ideas
  • Pricing and promotional strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing ideas

Bundle/gift ideas

Amazon Sellers are able to see the “Most Wished For List” of their products giving them awesome insights into what people are saving to their lists. Take notice, especially around the holidays, of which items shoppers are pairing together on their lists. From this intel companies can easily create virtual bundles on Amazon at great prices to increase sales. Virtual bundles are created by pulling together separate ASINs into one, uploading new content to the listing and then Amazon does the rest! They package them together and ship them out for you. Genius!

Pricing and Promotional Strategy

Trevethan Gin Amazon Product Launch Service by marketplace amp

Shoppers can receive price drop alerts for items that are saved on their Amazon Wish Lists. Many people add products to their lists if they are unable to afford them at that price or are waiting until payday. These notifications help them to buy the products at the best price and can help retailers see if their target market can afford their product, helping Amazon Sellers to understand their pricing strategy and create bespoke promotions targeted at their wish list audience.

Product Strategy

Along with bundle and gift ideas, the Amazon Wish List is a fab way for brands to analyse their current product inventory and brainstorm new ideas. Seeing what competitor products consumers have added to their lists helps brands to see what they may be missing.

Marketing Ideas

Marketing outside of Amazon is essential to an effective marketing campaign and the Amazon Wish List can help! Brands can use curated marketing content to entice their audience to share items from their wish list on pages and groups on social media. Engaging with your target audience with contests is a great way to increase clicks and shares as well as to conduct market research on new products.

This Christmas, 44% of people will be shopping online and 39% say it will be a 50/50 split on and offline. It’s a great time of year for brands to utilise the Amazon Wish List and analyse their products ready to accelerate sales in the new year! If you need help with your 2022 strategy, contact our team of e-commerce experts today.

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