How to successfully use Sponsored Brand Video Ads on Amazon

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Standing out on Amazon is becoming harder and harder with search results full of organic listings as well as different types of advertisements. But Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos could be just the answer – a compelling and inspirational way to reach your target shoppers on Amazon. Our eyes are drawn to movement, making video the best way to capture shoppers’ attention and keeping it!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Sponsored Brand Videos and how you can use them to amplify your Amazon sales.

What is Sponsored Brand Video?

Sponsored Brand Video is a form of Amazon advertising. You may already be familiar with Sponsored Brand Ads, which appear at the top of search results. These feature your logo, tagline and up to three products. Sponsored Brand Videos are found in the same section on the Amazon Advertising Console and appear in the search results, below the fold. They automatically start playing when 50% of the pixels are in view but need to be unmuted to hear sound. Once the video is clicked, it will take the audience to the product detail page where they can learn more and make a purchase.

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Why use Sponsored Brand Videos?

We have identified three main reasons video advertising can help increase sales and optimise branding on Amazon:

  1. Differentiate your brand and stand out
  2. Connect to consumers and help them get to know you
  3. Target the right audience at the right time

Each month, more than 197 million people around the world visit Amazon looking for products. The majority of them are in the “consideration” stage of the buying journey. As a brand, it’s important to engage shoppers at this moment, to help them consider and learn more about your products.

Sponsored Brand Videos can engage, entertain and educate shoppers, with 66% of people saying they would rather watch a short video to learn about a product than read about it.

Best practices

When creating a video for your Amazon advertising campaign, it’s important to keep the customers’ needs in mind. Try to help them imagine the product in a real-life setting and use callouts to highlight features and USPs. Showcase how your product fulfils the shoppers’ needs and why they should consider them.

Here are some more practical tips when creating your sponsored video:

  • Videos can be 6-45 seconds long, but an optimal video length is 15–30 seconds
  • Feature the product prominently within the first second
  • Do not fade in from black or start with an empty frame
  • Videos cannot be made full screen, so ensure everything is clear and readable
  • The sound doesn’t automatically play, therefore videos need to make sense and deliver a message even when muted
  • Ensure that on-screen text can be easily read on mobile devices
  • Use an end card to mark the end of the video before it loops or try to make the loop seamless

How to set up Sponsored Brand Videos 

Once your video is ready, it’s time to set up your advertisement. First, navigate to the Sponsored Brands creative builder in the advertising console or seller central. From here you can choose the type of Sponsored Brand ad you want to set up. Select video and choose the ASIN that was used in your recording. With Sponsored Brand Video, you can only choose one ASIN per advertisement. Finally, you can upload your video! The creative builder page will show the guidelines and requirements and will flag a video straight away if it fails to meet them. Once your video has been approved, you can finish your advertisement just like your other Sponsored Brands campaigns. Make sure to select keywords, match type and enter your bid.

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Video view metric essentials

The newly released video view metrics will help you keep a tab of how things are going too, providing unique insights into how end customers are engaging with your video ads. These insights provide key information on how to create more effective content, with new metrics including: viewable impressions, view-through rate (VTR), viewable click-through rate (vCTR), five-second views, five-second view rate, video first quartile, video midpoint, video third quartile, video completes and unmutes.

Sponsored Brand Videos really are a fantastic way to jump out of the search results and grab shoppers’ attention. If you need help creating your branded video or setting up your advertising campaigns, our team of creatives and e-commerce experts are here to help! Contact us today to see how we can help you amplify your Amazon sales using Sponsored Brand Video Advertising.

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