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The global market for the pet care industry set to reach around $269bn by 2025, with e-commerce the fastest channel of growth. And, our team of pet care e-commerce experts at amp love nothing more than to harness the latest market trends, helping our clients target the millions of ‘pet parents’ who are shopping online!

As one of the key players in the e-commerce boom, Amazon is showing particularly impressive growth and is expected to see its ‘Pet Supplies’ category sales increase by 11% to reach a whopping $27.2bn by 2025.

So, if you’re wondering, ‘do pet products sell well on Amazon?’, the answer is undoubtedly, ‘yes’!

Household pets are treated more like family children by around 80% of UK owners in a modern age that sees proud ‘pet parents’ spending an average of £95 per month on their beloved pets! Unsurprisingly the dog and cat markets take the lion’s share of this revenue, with yearly spend around £10 billion for dogs and £8 billion for cats!

Read on to learn more about Pet Supplies on Amazon, including some excellent examples of brands who really know how to showcase their products!

what does the pet supplies sector look like on Amazon?

pet food

Premium-quality nutrition for pets is becoming increasingly important, with many pet owners shifting to natural and organic products and health supplements as they become more aware of their pets’ individual health requirements.

In March 2020, Nielsen reported that dog food sales grew between 37.5% and 54.7% and cat food sales saw growth of between 38.7% and 52.8%, compared to the previous March.

As selling pet food online becomes more competitive, pet food brands are offering a broad range of products that cater for different breeds, ages, dietary requirements and budgets. Sales of pet food on Amazon tend to be consistent, given that stocks need to be replenished frequently, and many shoppers prefer to take the hassle out of manual re-ordering by choosing a subscription service that delivers orders periodically.

health supplies

With pet owners becoming increasingly discerning about how they look after the health of their pets, health supplies have become the fastest-growing category, with around 70% growth year on year!

Health supplements that provide a natural vitamin and mineral boost are enabling owners to give pets with ailments a more active lifestyle.

Gaining the trust of consumers plays a vital role here. Once pet owners have found a product that works, they tend to buy it repeatedly in order to avoid making any changes that may risk the health and wellbeing of their pets.

toys and accessories

Around 66% of pet owners buy accessories for their pet, with many opting for more ethical choices such toys made with natural fibres. Over a quarter of owners like to pamper their pets, with 88% admitting to spending up to £50 on extravagant presents.

Pet accessories such as bedding, leads and toys aren’t just functional anymore — they often play a huge part in ‘pet parents’ being able to spoil their loved ones, whilst choosing styles and colours that fit the décor of the house.

how to showcase your brand with engaging product listings

Competition in the Amazon pet care sector is fierce so to be successful requires the creation of first-class content to showcase your brand and each product, and to stand out from the crowd.

It’s well worth investing in rich Amazon content and a storefront to give your brand — and your target audience — a full suite of content to showcase your products in the most enticing way possible.

The key areas for content optimisation are:

B content

On desktop devices, this appears at the top of the Amazon page, and includes an image deck (capable of using multiple images), a title, bullet points and a product description. On mobile devices, the bullet points and product description appear below the A+ content, if you’re using any.

A+ content

On desktops, this is the standard option for additional brand information lower down the page (below the fold), but this content appears higher up on mobile devices, just below the product title and image deck!

Premium A+ content

If your budget allows, Premium A+ (aka A++) offers the opportunity to apply Amazon’s most visually engaging and interactive content to your product listings. It replaces standard A+ content, but access to this platform costs between $250k and $500k per year.

Amazon Store

An Amazon Store gives Sellers and Vendors the opportunity to showcase their brand and the full range of products in one compact, engaging e-commerce destination for shoppers. You can choose from a selection of predesigned templates with customisable features to create a multi-page Store — without writing a line of code! Each Amazon Store listing links to the main product page containing B/A+ (or A++) content.

marketplace amp’s team of experts harnesses the latest market trends so brands can appeal to the millions of pet parents who are shopping online! Take a look at some shining examples of Amazon content we’ve created for our pet care clients:

— B Content and Premium A+ Content

Lintbells YuMOVE Hip and Joint Supplement

Gilbertson & Page
— B Content and A+ Content

Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights Dry Dog Food

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