Are you prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2021? How to amplify sales during the busiest e-commerce shopping day of the year!

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Prime Day is one of the biggest e-commerce shopping days of the year, last year falling in October and previously always being in July. However, if you haven’t heard, Amazon is moving it to June this year, to keep us on our toes! 

According to Bloomberg, Amazon Prime Day 2021 will fall on June 21st – 22nd!

Prime Day means super high-quality promotion for everyone and it’s crucial to get the most out of this mega event by implementing some simple tactics to optimize your online listings for maximum sales. In this article, I’m going to walk you through some of the 5 most important steps you can take to make sure your Amazon listings for Prime Day outperform your competition…

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day happens once a year where Amazon and Amazon Sellers offer special deals and discounts for a limited time. It usually falls in July but Amazon releases the exact date each year. Last year, due to the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day was on October 13th but in most previous years it has fallen in July. Once it kicks off, the traffic on Amazon increases dramatically and there’s a lot of excitement around the deals. But how can you make the most out of your prime day?

5 tips to increase sales on amazon prime day:

  1. Start preparing early
  2. Add unique and creative content to your product info page
  3. Ensure you have enough inventory
  4. Start advertising NOW
  5. Effectively use social media

1 – Start preparing early

It’s estimated that it takes 5-7 impressions of any product to turn a soft ‘no’ into a solid ‘yes!’ Therefore the sooner you start advertising your upcoming deals or product launches for Amazon Prime Day, the better but it’s not all about advertising. There is a lot of preparation needed for a successful Amazon Prime Day.

The first thing to prepare is what your offers are going to be. Are you going to offer your customers promo codes? Or maybe you want to entice your customers with Amazon Lightning Deals? Perhaps you can combine some of your products together to create a one-off virtual bundle for the occasion? You should already have an outline in your head, but now is the time to meet with your team and tell Amazon what the plan is.

2 – Add unique and creative content to the product info page

You’re busy, but you need to introduce your products to buyers and you think your deal will speak for itself. Well, think again…Especially one that only has one picture and a paragraph of copy… If done correctly, your product listing page will look something like this:

  • Detailed bullets points with strong headers
  • 5+ images to showcase your product with call out images for your most impressive USPs
  • A+ to highlight your company and any other messaging you couldn’t fit above the fold

Amazon Prime Day is when brands can get their products in front of customers for a lower price, but the price isn’t the only thing that will help them convert. One of the best things you can do in order to drive sales is to have product photos that stand out and adding something different and interesting to the listing text. You can also use Sponsored Brand Ads to entice shoppers to your Amazon Store. Make sure your Store is up-to-date with all of your products and on-brand! The key is to keep the shoppers on your store, focused on your inventory.

3 – Ensure you have enough inventory

Running out of products and still having people wanting to buy from you will decrease your profits and annoy potentially loyal customers. Amazon needs to have your inventory in their FBA centres way before the big day, so make sure you estimate your sales effectively and send in the required products asap! 

You’re aiming for big sales, so it’s always better to overestimate than under! It’s also advisable to make sure your customer service reps are ready for any reviews and you have your returns set up correctly. Don’t leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth…

4 – Start advertising NOW

By advertising Prime Day promotions today, you are able to prime the pump for the biggest sales day of the year, getting your products in front of new consumers and hopefully convert them into customers. Advertising is critical in any industry. And Prime Day promotions are the best advertising you can do.

Utilise Sponsored Brand Ads to get your products at the top of Amazon search results, this will help your brand stay at the forefront of potential customers minds.

But don’t just advertise on Amazon, use your social media accounts to promote your Amazon Prime Day promotions in anticipation of the event. Tease your audience with potential savings and push your product USPs.

Sponsored Brand Ads. Example - Sponsored Brands are only available to vendors enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

5 – Effectively use social media

Using social media can help to increase traffic to your Amazon listings and build customer trust. This is why it’s important for online sellers to get into the habit of using social platforms to connect with their audience.

Here are our 4 top tips on using social media on a daily basis to connect with your audience:

  1. Always interact with your followers
  2. Keep your branding prominent on all your posts
  3. Ensure your posts either inform or entertain
  4. Use targeted advertising to reach your audience

As we mentioned before, make sure to promote your Amazon Prime Day promotions in advance to the big day on social media to entice your customers and increase traffic and sales! Also considering working with influencers before Prime Day to reach a new audience and promote new products. Do your research and choose influencers wisely to make sure you reach the most appropriate and relevant audiences for your brand.

Amazon is still waiting to release the date of Prime Day this year, but keep an eye on this blog as we will update as soon as we find out! If you need help preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2021, get in contact today! Our experts will make sure your listings are optimised and your inventory is ready to be sold!

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