How to optimise Amazon listings this Valentine’s Day 5 tips to fall in love with...

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This year’s Valentine’s Day is looking like no other as many couples are unable to see each other over the holiday. E-commerce will play a big role in delivering gifts for loved ones around the country, which means your Amazon listings need to be better than ever!

Valentine’s Day is a huge commerce event with average spending hitting $27.4 billion in the US in 2020. This doesn’t quite match up with the spending expected during other holidays such as Christmas or Black Friday but it’s still a season brands should pay attention to (and fall in love with!).

Here our experts’ 5 Top Tips for amplifying sales on Amazon this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Know your target audience
  2. Add Valentine’s related keywords
  3. Optimise advertisements for gift-givers
  4. Highlight your gifts with Valentine’s related content
  5. Use Twisters and Storefronts to help cross-sell products

know your audience

People tend to see Valentine’s Day as a feminine holiday, however, when marketing a product as a gift you need to be aware of who will be doing the shopping! On average, men spend more money on their partners on Valentine’s Day, with an average spend of £40 compared to £24 for women. Men are also more likely to spend big cash! Last year, 9% of men planned to spend more than £100 compared to only 1% of women willing to do the same. 

It’s important to get into the mind of your audience, understand who is willing to pay what and how they like to shop. If your company concentrates on items for women, consider changing your copy to be aimed at the men in their life during this period.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about gender. What people are more likely to buy is important too. This is one of the biggest shopping days for food! For those couples who are locked in together, 26% will be cooking a fancy meal for one another. If you are selling FMCG cooking essentials or even something that screams ‘only for special occasions’, this is your time to shine! 

Keep reading to find out how to utilise this in your Amazon content!

Along with your usual keywords for your products, it’s good to add extras around different holiday seasons. On a massive search engine like Amazon, people can search for very vague phrases during Valentine’s such as “gifts for women” and “gifts for boyfriends”. Add these types of search terms to the back-end to help SEO.

If your product isn’t a gift, use search terms such as “romantic meals” and “valentine’s essentials” to spark interest! Do your research and make sure to amplify your sales with the right keywords for your brand.

optimise advertisements for gift-givers

Sponsored brands are a great way to accelerate sales! These CPC (cost per click) ads include your brand logo, a headline and features multiple products. This helps give the consumer gift options and to push them towards your brand. Include Valentine’s related copy in the headlines and highlight the most giftable products.

Before the big day, distribute ads for greater exposure and performance. Think about increasing your daily budget for all your ads to guarantee your campaigns don’t run out of stock during periods of heightened traffic and to ensure you outbid your competitors.

Utilise all the space available on Amazon to showcase your products. If it makes the perfect gift, express that in the title and bullets. Make sure to include important search terms and try to tell a story that resonates with your audience. This extends to the image decks! Include lifestyle images of couples exchanging gifts or using your products to entice them to treat their other half this Valentine’s Day!

If your products aren’t suitable as gifts, there are still plenty of ways to utilise the Valentine’s message. For example, the perfect, home-cooked, romantic meal. Add fancy recipe ideas, ranging from novice to expert cooking skills with images of delicious food and a happy couple!

Once you’ve optimised your content above the fold, it’s important to take advantage of the Amazon A+ features. This extra space can increase conversions by 3-10% and Premium A+ by up to 15%!

A+ content allows Vendors to add more detail to their Amazon product listings as well as more space for high-definition visuals. With Premium A+, brands can also include high-definition videos which are excellent for grabbing shoppers’ attention. This is a perfect place to add recipe videos using your product, a Valentine’s focused ad or even customer video reviews.

cross-sell products

The beauty of shoppers who don’t know what they want is the ability to help them choose! If you sell multiple products that make for a great gift basket, separate ingredients to make a delicious dish or even just size variants of that one perfect product, educate your customers.
Using Amazon twisters can help to optimise your listings as well as navigate shoppers to an upsell. Showcase your products together and boost their ranking all in one place!

Amazon stores are another great way to cross-sell your products by telling your brand story and showcasing your products in one compact destination. They can help to increase sales by up to 70%! To make sure that your Amazon store performs well for Valentine’s Day, update the images and messaging to match your product listings. Include the new Valentine’s lifestyle imagery and highlight your most giftable products on the homepage. You can even create a new landing page on the storefront to direct ads to, helping to amplify click-through rate and conversions!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so there is no time to waste in optimising your Amazon listings. If you need help AMPlifying sales on Amazon, contact us today to see how our e-commerce experts can help!

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