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Content and design are the best ways to stand out on Amazon, and slowly Amazon is giving businesses the power to build their brands and highlight their products in better ways. Showcasing branding and design can be done in the image decks, Amazon A+ and now through Amazon Stores.

And, thanks to our fab creative team at amp, your Amazon Store could help you sell more — much more – increasing your sales by up to 70%*! Check out our examples from Blend Bros, Gilbertson & Page and Aagrah. Read on to find out more.

All of these are super important to building trust with consumers and keep them focused on your brand. In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about Amazon Stores and how they can help to AMPlify sales!

What is an Amazon Store?

Amazon Stores are a multipage branded website directly on the Amazon marketplace for brands to showcase a curated collection of products. It is available to brand owners and is completely free! This is a completely immersive feature that helps brands to drive sales, showcase their value proposition and gain consumers trust.

why you need an Amazon Store – in a glance

  • Utilise internal and external traffic
  • Boosts products organic ranking
  • Increase sales volume
  • Keeps consumers focused on your brand
  • Curate perfect landing pages for sponsored ads
  • Introduces your brand to new customers
  • Maintain brand identity on the world’s largest marketplace
  • Expand the reach of new product launches
  • Gives an enhanced mobile experience

How to build an Amazon Store?

Setting up an Amazon Store is self-service and completely free! It is available to businesses that are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry as the Brand Owner. Find out how to sign up for Brand Registry here. 

Once your business is set up as the Brand Owners, sign into the Amazon Advertising Console. From the main dashboard, navigate to the burger menu in the top left corner. On this main menu there is a tab labelled “stores”, this will take you to the Amazon Store builder. Simply click ‘Build new store’ to enter the drag and drop module builder and start creating!

what’s included in amazon stores?

Amazon Stores are made up of templates and customisable modules, these include:

  • Split sections
  • Product
  • Image
  • Image with text
  • Shoppable images
  • Text
  • Video
  • Background video
  • Product grid
  • Gallery
  • Featured deals
Beauty Kitchen Storefront

This can limit the possibility of store designs however if these modules are used creatively businesses can showcase their brands with beautiful imagery and enticing copy.

Amazon Store Examples

Gilbertson and Page

Visit the Amazon Storefront here

We’re AMPed with our storefront for pet food brand, Gilbertson and Page. We wanted the homepage to be fun, full of images and highlight their products straightaway. To do this we utilised the image modules and created ‘buttons’ to lead to the landing pages for the different product types.

Gilbertson and Page focus on dog food, however they do create products for other pets. We wanted to make sure the consumer could find the right product easily, which is why we created tabs to shop by brand or by pet. It’s also a good idea to include a Best Sellers section for business with a lot of products, to help generate more sales and help new customers find what others like! We kept their branding and theme throughout by creating personalised image cards for each product that links to its Amazon listing.

Blend Bros

Visit the Amazon Storefront here

Blend Bros is one of the brands of The Flava People. We helped them to set up Brand Registry for all of their brands, ready for curated Amazon storefronts. To catch the consumer’s eye we highlighted the store with a shoppable image of their sauces. Amazon reported shopper interaction with the images and interaction points increased from 19% to 26% when using shoppable images, which is why we featured this in the number one spot!

As Blend Bros only have a handful of products, we dedicated a landing page for each flavour, highlighting their sauces with their beautiful lifestyle photography of mouthwatering food. These separate landing pages then worked in partnership with Amazon advertisements and truly made each product pop!


Visit the Amazon Storefront here

Aagrah has a wide range of authentic mouthwatering curry sauces with plenty of beautiful images and strong branding that truly stands out on Amazon. This storefront is broken down into types of product, not flavour due to the number available – curry sauces, spice blends, catering packs and gift packs.

The homepage features the best sellers and buttons to link to each category, as well as a shoppable image to help increase interactions and click-through rate. To make sure it is easy for the consumer to explore Aagrah’s products, each page is broken up with a banner and title that includes the product and branding. Each section then includes a lifestyle image of the delicious curry and the pack size variants available on Amazon. The bottom of every page includes a shoppable image of the products included throughout so that the consumer doesn’t have to scroll back and forth to find what they are looking for.

How we can help?

If you’d like more information on Amazon Stores or need our help, contact us today! Our team of designers and Amazon experts can answer any questions you may have.

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