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You may have already read our previous blogs on Amazon advertising, including What Is AMS & How Does It Work? and Why Would You Use Amazon Advertising? but in this blog, we’ll tell you how to advertise products on Amazon.

The first factor that’ll determine your advertising options will be whether you are on Seller Central or Vendor Central. If you’re on Seller Central, then you’ll have access to Sponsored Products campaigns and if you’re Brand Registered you’ll also have access to Sponsored Brand campaigns (formerly Headline Search Ads). If you have a Vendor Central account then you’ll have access to both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands automatically, as well as having access to Product Display Ads.

So, now you know the types of adverts available to you, let’s discuss how you go about advertising products on Amazon.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored product ads can be set up as either an automatic or manual ads. Automatic ads are where Amazon will automatically show your ads for searches it deems are relevant by users of Amazon. Manual ads allow you to specify your own targeting options. With an automatic campaign, all that is required is to create a new campaign, give it a name, add the budget and schedule, then add the ASINs that you want to advertise.

If you are setting up a manual campaign then there are additional elements to plan and implement. The process of setting up a manual Sponsored Product campaign begins the same as an automatic one: you give the campaign a name, add in the budget, schedule and the ASIN that you want to advertise. Following on from this, if you are targeting by keyword then you will need to add in your chosen terms, set the bid and the match type (either broad, phrase or exact). If you are targeting by product you will need to add in the ASINs of the products which you want to target and if you are targeting by category then you will need to choose the relevant categories. The next step is to add in any negative search terms or products for which you don’t want your ads to show. Once this is complete then you can submit your campaign.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand campaigns can be set up to direct users to one of three landing pages. Sponsored Brand campaigns have to be set up manually and can only be targeted for keywords, so the ability to target using categories or other products is not possible. The three possible landing pages are: 1) a previously built Storefront, 2) an Amazon page featuring at least 3 different ASINs or 3) a new page with a list of products made up of the ASINs that you select to advertise.

To set up a Sponsored Brand campaign is simple. As with a Sponsored Products campaign, you give the campaign a name and then set the budget and schedule accordingly. Then you choose which of three landing pages you want users to be taken too when clicking the ad (adding in ASINs if choosing the third option). The next step is to work on the ad creative, including which products to include, what copy/call out text you want to use, adding in the relevant brand name and also a brand logo or product image. Once you have finalised how the ad will look, you can begin to add in the keywords that you want your ad to show for and select your bids together with any negative keywords that you want to prevent your ad from showing for. Once happy, then you can submit your campaign which can sometimes take a couple of days to go live.

Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads (PDAs) are only available to Vendors, and allow you to target other products with ads appearing just underneath the Buy Box. Setting up PDAs is a little different, with the first step being to choose whether you want to target other products or shoppers with specific interests. If you choose to target by other products then you will need to enter the ASIN of the product you want to advertise and then either the target product ASINs or the category most relevant to the product being advertised. Then you can enter the campaign name, your bid, budget and schedule. If you are targeting by interest then simply select the ASIN you want to promote, choose the customer interests and then set the campaign name, bid, budget and schedule.

If you have any questions regarding AMS, Sponsored Products or advertising on Amazon in general then feel free to get in touch with us on 01284 774809 or email info@marketplaceamp.com.

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