Find out why you should become an Amazon Business Seller!

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What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business provides the opportunity for sellers to offer specific pricing or discounts for business customers only, as well as other features such as displaying ex-VAT pricing. The general user searching on Amazon would be able to view the product, but would not see any specific business prices or ex-VAT pricing, these are only visible to customers who have signed up for an Amazon Business account.

What are the features for business sellers?

  • Automatic VAT invoicing

Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service can auto-generate VAT invoices on the sellers behalf. Removing the need for a manual VAT invoice to be created.

  • VAT-exclusive pricing

As well as automatic VAT invoicing, Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service allows sellers to display VAT-exclusive prices which can help to lead to increased sales performance.

  • Enhanced offer visibility

Eligible Amazon Business sellers can also benefit from a special badge on the listing as well as potentially higher conversions.

  • Business pricing and discount

Amazon Business Sellers can set a different price for business customers than normal Amazon customers. Sellers are also able to offer bulk sales discounts.

  • Exclusive business offers

Sellers can choose to make their listings available to business customers only.

How to register as a business seller?

Firstly to enable Business Selling, you need to already be subscribed to the Professional Selling version of Seller Central, if you are currently on an individual plan you will need to upgrade to Professional first.

Provided you are already on the Professional Selling plan, you can simply search for ‘Amazon Business Selling’ within Seller Central. This will then bring up a few options in the right-hand side search results, and when clicking to find out more info there will be a link that you can follow to enable business selling. Once enrolled for business selling, you can then enrol in the Amazon VAT Calculation Service, once again simply search for ‘VAT calculation service’ within Seller Central and then follow the link. You will need your VAT registration numbers and other business details ready before beginning the process of enrolment.

Once enrolled you can begin to take advantage of the features mentioned above including business pricing, discounts and ex-VAT display prices. You can easily manage your B2B pricing and discounts within the main ‘Manage Inventory’ section of Seller Central.

If you would like help with your Amazon Business Seller account or another aspect of selling on Amazon, please get in touch with the team today.

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