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Selling on Amazon can be broken down into two sections – MFN and FBA. If that’s the case, then what exactly is Amazon FBA Small and Light? In this blog, we go over everything you need to know about FBA Small and Light to see if it’s worth your brand signing up!

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’, which means that Amazon stores, processes, packages and sends your products for you. They’ll handle the delivery, returns and exchanges, you simply have to send your products to an Amazon fulfilment centre and they’ll do the rest.

What is Amazon FBA Small and Light?

The cost of Amazon FBA doesn’t suit all companies and product types. To combat this, Amazon created FBA Small and Light to target much smaller products that are sold at a lower price. Amazon calls it a solution for “fast-moving, small, light-weight products”.

What are the requirements for your product?

  • measures 33 x 23 x 5 cm or less
  • weighs 225 g or less
  • costs £9 or less (including VAT)
  • products must be new

There are also a lot of guidelines that your products must comply with to be a part of Amazon FBA Small and Light. This means your product must not be:

Amazon fba small and light requirements - marketplace amp
  1. Temperature sensitive (this even means chocolate between May 1st – October 14th!)
  2. Crushable
  3. Hazmat or Dangerous goods
  4. Adult products
  5. FBA Prohibited products or Restricted products 
  6. Any condition other than new
  7. ASINs with more than 30 units of the same product in Standard FBA – Sellers must clear all existing inventory from Standard FBA and then create a new offer for FBA Small and Light
  8. Products with manufacturer barcodes or commingled offers (Amazon bar codes only)
  9. ASINs on Amazon.com more than 90 days old selling fewer than 25 units in the past 4 weeks

Your products fill all of the requirements…
but is it worth it?

If your products fit these requirements, then the simple answer is yes – it probably is worth it! By using Amazon FBA Small and Light you can cut the cost of your fulfillment whilst making your products eligible for Amazon Prime! This is a must-have for retailers as there is also no minimum order requirement and it ensures your products are covered under Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee.

When using Amazon FBA Small and Light, the only thing to consider is that your products may have a slower delivery time. For Prime customers, this is within 3-5 days and non-Prime customers within 6-8 days. Consumers want delivery faster and faster these days so this could be off putting for some. However, Amazon offers a 5% discount to customers who order multiple Small and Light items to soften the blow! Genius!

How to sign up to Amazon FBA Small and Light

Amazon summarises enrolling on FBA Small and Light in 3 simple steps:

How to enrol in Amazon FBA Small and Light - Step 1

1. Register for Amazon FBA

Enrol in Amazon FBA Small and Light - Step 2

2. Enrol your eligible offers
to FMA Small and Light

How to enrol in Amazon FBA Small and Light - Step 3

3. Send in your inventory

Sounds simple enough, however, these steps can be harder than they are letting on! We’d like to break this down further for you:

  1. If you are already selling on Amazon, select Fulfilled by Amazon as your shipping method. Make sure none of your inventory is left with Amazon FBA
  2. Ensure the products you want to enrol in FBA Small and Light fit the requirements and obtain the Merchant Stock Keeping Units (MSKUs)
  3. Download the enrollment template from the Amazon enrollment page, and fill in the MSKUs in the provided fields
  4. Upload the enrollment file to the enrollment page on your Seller Central account. The status/results can be reviewed in the Actions section of the page – load time can depend on the size of the file
  5. Prepare and ship your Small and Light inventory to a specified Amazon fulfillment centre!

For more information download Amazon Enrollment Guidelines.

Everything else you need to know!

Amazon FBA Small and Light Fees

UK (£)Germany (€)France (€)Italy (€)Spain (€)
Small envelope 80 g or less
20 X 15 X 1 cm or less
Standard envelope 60 g or less
33 X 23 X 2.5 cm or less
Standard envelope 210 g or less
33 X 23 X 2.5 cm or less
Large envelope 225 g or less
33 X 23 X 5 cm or less
Small and Light programme fulfilment fee (per unit, sold on Amazon)

Where is Amazon FBA Small and Light available?

Amazon FBA Small and Light is available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the United States and Japan.

How do I unenroll for Amazon FBA Small and Light?

If you wish to increase the price of your products or they are no longer meeting the requirements, you will have to unenroll these products from Amazon FBA Small and Light. To do this, ensure that there is no inventory left for these products at Amazon Fulfillment Centres. Then go to this link to remove the MSKUs. 

If you still have inventory in a Fulfillment centre, you can request for removal (including returns and disposals). This normally takes up to 14 business days to process, however Amazon does warn that this can take up to 30 days during peak periods (February, March, August and September).

How can we help?

Here at marketplace, we have a team of Amazon experts that understand the ins and outs of setting up, managing and optimising selling on Amazon. Our team can help you to navigate the FBA Small and Light process and more! Get in contact today for more information.

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